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Beautiful Must Have Wedding Pictures

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Beautiful Must Have Wedding Pictures

Brides and groom cherish their wedding pictures for many years after their wedding, so this is why they make sure they choose the best wedding photographer.

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so you definitely want to make sure you capture memories of every minute and every detail.

Some brides usually focus on certain details and forget others that they, later on, regret not taking pictures of.

Here are some wedding picture ideas that every couple should take at their wedding, show a list of the pictures you want to be taken to your wedding photographer to make sure you don't miss out on any moments.

Melissa and Mohammed Wedding in ItalyNancy Mansour Wedding in LebanonTaline and Ali WeddingMelissa and Mohammed Wedding in Italy 1

Wedding Dress Pictures

Some brides might forget to take a clear picture of their wedding dress.

So here are 6 different ideas on how you can take pictures of your wedding dress:

  • The moment you wear your wedding dress, like this beautiful picture of Melissa and Mohammed's wedding in Italy.
  • A picture of your wedding dress nicely hanged.
  • A picture showing the little details of your wedding dress, bride Taline Mansour made sure to have the details of her wedding dress taken, take a look at the pictures of Taline and Ali's wedding in Lebanon.
  • A picture of your bridesmaids helping you put on your dress.
  • Your beautiful wedding dress train, bride Nancy Mansour looked beautiful in her wedding dress, and made sure to have this moment captured, see more pictures of Nancy's wedding in Lebanon here!
  • A classic picture of your bridal veil.
Melissa and Mohammed Wedding in ItalyHanna Elia Wedding in GreeceSarah and Hamzeh WeddingTania and Andre Wedding

The Bridal Shoes

Brides always look for the most beautiful and elegant wedding shoes to wear on their wedding day, then why not take a picture of your beautiful bridal shoes?

Take a look at these beautiful wedding pictures, of brides like Sarah Fahmawi, Hannah at her wedding in Greece, as well as Melissa at her wedding in Italy, who all had pictures of their wedding shoes taken.

Ask your wedding photographer to take a picture of your wedding shoes, you can also add your wedding rings to the pictures, or have a picture taken of you wearing your wedding shoes like the picture taken of Tania on her wedding day in Florence.

Another idea is to include the groom's shoes, or your bridal bouquet or accessories along with your wedding shoes all in one picture.

Wedding in AmmanHanna Elia Wedding in GreeceHannah Wedding in GreeceMariam Wedding in BeirutNancy Mansour Wedding in LebanonSarah and Hamzeh WeddingYasmine and Wissam Wedding

Getting Ready

Don't forget to take pictures of yourself getting ready, putting on your makeup, and having your hair done. We've seen many brides who had their pictures taken while getting ready:

Make sure that while the groom is getting ready he has his pictures taken too, so ask your wedding photographer to take pictures of your groom while brushing his hair, getting ready, and wearing his suit, like the groom Wissam who had beautiful pictures taken of him.

Tania Wedding in FlorenceCrhis and Natalie WeddingHannah Wedding in GreeceMelissa and Mohammed's WeddingTaline and Ali Wedding

The Wedding Bouquet

The wedding bouquet is a very important part of the bridal look, and brides make sure they have the perfect wedding bouquet. You can have the pictures of your wedding bouquet taken along with your wedding shoes, we also liked how bride Tania had the picture of her wedding shoes and bouquet taken together, click here to see more!

Also, take a look at these beautiful pictures from Natalie and Chris' wedding.

Lebanese WeddingEmilt and Pierre WeddingIman and Ahmed Wedding in LebanonHannah and Mirabelle's Wedding

Bridal Accessories and Jewelry

Don't forget to take pictures of your bridal accessories and jewelry before you wear them, like the beautiful pictures of Emily Simms' jewelry.

We love this wedding ring picture from the wedding of Ahmad and Iman in Lebanon. Also, ask your wedding photographer to take pictures of you while wearing your jewelry like these beautiful pictures at a wedding north Lebanon.

Your bridal hair accessories are also very important so ask your photographer to take pictures of your bridal hair accessories, like these beautiful pictures from the wedding of Mirabelle in Lebanon.

Also check out: Wedding or Engagement Ring Photo Ideas

Marianne and Marc Wedding in ItalyNicolas and Ayla WeddingMahdi and Rand WeddingYasmine and Wissam WeddingYasmine and Wissam Wedding Lebanon

The Bride and Groom with Friends and Family

Wedding pictures that have all your friends and family members in them are simply the best.

You can have pictures taken while having dinner, like these spontaneous pictures at Nicolaa and Ayla's wedding in Rome.

Make sure you take pictures with the groom's family and friends, like this picture of the bride Rand at her wedding.

You can also print out these beautiful pictures and give them to your friends and family, like these beautiful pictures from a wedding in Lebanon.

Ask your photographer to take a picture from above including all your wedding guests, like this wedding picture taken at Marianne and Marc's wedding at the Amalfi Coast in Italy.

Beisan and Saad Wedding in CyprusBeisan and Saad Wedding in Cyprus 1Beisan and Saad Wedding in Cyprus 2Beisan and Saad Wedding in Cyprus 3Emily Wedding Pictures

The First Look

The first look has become an important part of the wedding, ask your photographer to take a picture of your first look to remember this beautiful moment forever.

We love these first look pictures taken at the wedding of Beisan and Saad in Cyprus.

Take a look at the emotional picture of the groom Pierre Ghougassian taking his first look at his bride with tears in his eyes.


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