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The Best Tips To Heal Cracked and Dry Heels

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The Best Tips To Heal Cracked and Dry Heels

Obviously, brides should start taking care of their skin and bodies before the wedding day.

And with the wedding getting closer, brides tend to try different scrubs and creams to get the soft and silky skin they want.

But many brides can forget to take care of their feet and especially their heels.

Cracked heels are not a pretty sight, and no one wants to have them.

Here are some tips to help you get soft and silky heels:

Natural Oils:

Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, or any other natural oil is great to moisturize your feet and heels.

Wash your feet first and scrub them, then apply one of your favorite oils. After that wear some cotton socks to keep them moisturized.

Shoes and Socks:

Avoid walking barefoot and always wear socks, also don't forget to wash your feet and moisturize them before going to bed.

Also avoid wearing open shoes, as they help increase cracks and dry your feet.

Lemon, Salt, Glycerin, and Rose Water Mix:

This recipe is one of the best recipes to help you have soft feet and silky smooth heels.

Make sure you soak your feet more than once in this great mixture.

Fill a tub or container with water, add some salt, lemon juice, glycerin, and rose water, soak your feet for 15 minutes, then scrub your feet.

After that, mix some glycerin, rose water, and lemon juice, rub the mixture on your feet, and wear your socks till the next day.

After taking off your socks, make sure you wash your feet with warm water.