Glamorous Makeup Looks For The Arab Bride

Glamorous Makeup Looks For The Arab Bride

As an Arab bride or a bride from the Gulf region you probably love a good glamorous makeup look; Arab women are mostly known for their love of makeup and they love to emphasize on the makeup for their eyes.

Arabic makeup has some very well known characteristics, earth toned colors for the eyeshadow, black eyeliner or Kohl, thick beautiful eyebrows, and long dramatic lashes.

So if you are a bride to be who would like some beautiful Arabian inspired makeup inspiration, we chose some of the most beautiful makeup looks for you.

Arabic inspired makeup can seem like a lot of work, but with the right makeup artist you can definitely challenge your inner Arabian princess and shine like a star on your wedding day with the most glamorous and dramatic Arabic makeup look.

Here are some stunning Arabic or Khaleeji makeup looks for you to get inspired by: