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Nose-Job for the Bride to Be

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Nose-Job for the Bride to Be

One of the first cosmetic surgical procedures ever done is the Rhinoplasty, or ‘nose-job’.

Many women realize at an early age that they would prefer a ‘finer’ or more feminine nose to make their face more harmonious and attractive. Some women that are uncomfortable with their nose have difficulties being confident around cameras and some only allow pictures to be taken from certain angles to make their nose look smaller and nicer.

It is well known that a finer nose makes the eyes and lips look bigger and also makes the face appear younger.

Many women decide to have their nose surgery done before they get married, while some decide to have it done after tying the knot. The decision is up to you and should be discussed with your cosmetic surgeon regarding the time-line of the surgery.

Rhinoplasty is a simple surgery that involves reshaping the nasal bones and nasal cartilages in a manner that fits to a certain face. The procedure takes around two hours and sometimes involves a one-night stay at the hospital. Nose-jobs are better done under general anesthesia where the entire environment of the operation is under control. Recovery takes one to two weeks; this involves bruising and swelling around the eyes and face as well as having a ‘stuffy’ nose for approximately three weeks. During this operation a deviated septum can be corrected for cosmetic reasons and also to improve breathing.

You should consult your cosmetic/plastic surgeon and see many pictures of patients who have had the procedure done by the doctor. Some like their nose straight while others want it curved. Some prefer it pointed while others prefer a round tip. Seeing before and after pictures at your surgeon’s office will help the bride to appreciate the surgeon’s ‘style’ of nose-jobs, and she can then decide her preference and will have clearer expectations.

It takes approximately six months for the nose to shrink to its final shape and form after a rhinoplasty, so for the bride to be; my preference is to do the surgery at least six months before the celebrations begin.

Happy celebrations to everyone!

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Contributed by: 

Tarek V. Copty, M.D. FACS

Cosmetic Surgeon (ACS, AACS)

Copty Surgical Arts

Amman - Jordan