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The Best Beauty Salons in Abu Dhabi

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The Best Beauty Salons in Abu Dhabi

Every lady loves to pamper herself and go to the best beauty centers for her hair and overall beauty.

From hair to nails and everything in between, taking care of your bridal beauty is always a must, spending some time at an amazing beauty center will not only make you look good but it will also make you feel amazing and more confident.

You can also check out the top hair salons in Abu Dhabi here!

If you are a bride-to-be, then you probably have lots of beauty treatments you want to book before your wedding, and if you live in Abu Dhabi you are surrounded by the best and most professional beauty centers in the Middle East.

From local to international beauty centers Abu Dhabi has it all, and to help you out we are sharing the best ones with you.


Maison de Joelle - Abu Dhabi

Maison de Joelle

 An exclusive beauty house offering a unique beauty experience. The sophistication of Maison de Joelle is mirrored by the owner, Joelle Mardinian, a talented Make-Up Artist and beauty expert who gained her qualifications in the UK. Maison de Joelle is in its own right a celebrity salon and a leading beauty house in the Middle East. Today, the salon is featured weekly on MBC1 in a reality TV series called ''Joelle''. The show highlights the transformations of it’s' clients incorporating all the services we offer including complete makeovers.

Beautyspot Salon - Abu Dhabi

Beautyspot Salon

The only place for all  your hair, nails and beauty needs. Since 2006 Beautyspot has been providing a 5 star service, using only the most luxurious brands for their ever expanding loyal clientele.

Cosmpolitan Salon - Abu Dhabi

Cosmpolitan Salon

 From a refreshing cut to a whole new look, their beauty specialists know how to bring out the best in every woman. Sit back, relax and be spoilt with the highest quality products and precious personalised service.

Tips & Toes - Abu Dhabi

Tips and Toes

An award-winning haven of beauty and serenity as well as a proud Emirati brand offering women a feast for their mind, body and soul since 2004. They offer everything you need such as nail care, waxing, massages, skincare, haircare, makeup, Moroccan and Turkish baths.

NStyle Beauty Lounge - Dubai

N Style Beauty Lounge

 Established in 2001, NStyle International is recognized as one of the region’s largest organically grown companies in the beauty sector offering premium beauty and grooming services to the over 50,000 male and female consumers that visit one of its stores spanning Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, UAE & Canada on a monthly basis. 

Oriental Spa - Abu Dhabi

Oriental Spa

 This spa offers services of the highest standards in beauty, spa and fitness. All three departments include specialized staff of their respective fields ensuring your professionalism and expertise in every conduct. Oriental allows you to beautify your entire body by offering the best services of every sort in hair, face, and body. 

La Coquette Beauty Center - Abu Dhabi

La Coquette Beauty Center

La Coquette offers Mani, Pedi, Massages, Facials, Makeup, Hair drying, cutting, styling, and coloring amongst other services.

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