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The Best Bridal Shoe Tips

The Best Bridal Shoe Tips

All women know that a bride will spend as much time and thought of choosing her wedding shoes as she would choose her wedding dress.

With that in mind, a bride needs all the tips and helpful advice she can get to make sure she gets the perfect wedding shoes. 

Remember that it's all about you being comfortable on your wedding day and feeling your best, so don't force yourself to wear something that is not comfortable or will hurt your feet.

To help you out we have the best tips for you to get the perfect pair of bridal shoes!

Wedding Shoes

When to Buy Your Shoes

You need to have your shoes ready by the time you start looking for your wedding dress. Yes, that early! You need to bring your shoes to your dress fitting, in case your dress needs alterations in terms of the length of the dress.

Wedding Shoes Tips

Find the Perfect Fit

Your shoe should be firm but not tight and definitely not loose. Don’t try on shoes when your feet are swollen, some people get swollen feet after standing for a long period of time or going around the mall for hours, so keep that in mind. 

It is best advised to pick your heel height for your wedding day similar to what you usually wear. If you are used to wearing a specific height, then you’d best stick to it (unless you’re used to wearing flats all the time, in which case you need to start practicing walking and dancing around in some heels.) 

Tall Bride

Tall Bride

A bride always has to take into consideration the height of her groom. You don’t want to end up much taller than him, so try to pick a pair of heels that are at a reasonable height. Click here to see more flats for the tall bride!

Colored Bridal Shoes

Pick a Color

Traditionally the bride wears either white or ivory shoes on her big day. But these days, brides are getting more creative and trendy by choosing silver or gold shoes or even bold and bright colors such as blue, green, red, or pink. Some brides have their shoes match their wedding colors and theme. Your shoe color depends on your style and how you envision yourself to be on that special day.

Bridal Shoes Tips

Break Them In

Wearing a new pair of heels on your wedding day can hurt your feet and cause blisters. Here is what you can do to wear them in:

  • Walk around in them: Wear your shoes around the house to get used to them.
  • Wear socks: Wear a thick pair of socks then wear your shoes, this will stretch them out a bit.
  • Stretch them out: Either stretch them out with a shoe stretcher or put small rubber balls inside them.
  • Bend them: Bend your shoes gently up and down.
  • Scratch the soles: New heels are always slippery, so try scratching the soles or take them to a professional to do so.
Wedding Shoes

Have Backup

If you really like a specific pair of shoes but you are worried that they might not feel comfortable later on, wear them anyway and get another really comfortable pair (you can even have a pair of flats or sandals) which you can change into later at night after all the formalities are over.

Notes on Bridal Shoes

Notes on Your Shoes

More and more brides are having messages written on the sole of their bridal shoes as a sentimental gesture on their wedding day.

Many brides-to-be are in love with the idea of having cute notes written on the sole of their wedding shoes. In some cultures, like the Greeks and Turks, names of single female relatives or friends are written on the sole of the show. After the wedding, the shoe is examined, and those whose names have worn off are said to be the next in line for marriage. 

Whether it is written by them, their fiancé, or by their bridesmaids, brides are having a blast showing off their shoe soles!

winter shoes

Consider The Season

When it comes to choosing your wedding shoes you need to keep in mind your wedding season, if you are getting married during spring or summer any sandals or pumps would be perfect but if you are getting married in winter then keep in mind that you need winter wedding shoes, whether they are made from a different fabric, or have closed toes, or even bridal boots! 

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