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The Best Winter Wedding Shoes for The Bride

The Best Winter Wedding Shoes For The Bride of 2020

Are you having a winter wedding? If so, then you must know that a bride's style, makeup, and fashion accessories change according to the season.

For example, winter brides can wear darker makeup and lipstick, long sleeves and thicker fabrics, and, of course, beautiful warm cover-ups. This also includes winter wedding shoes!

Although most wedding shoes can work for any season, your winter wedding heels should be special, so why not make your winter bridal shoes a bit more unique?

Keep also in mind that you might have an outdoor wedding photoshoot, which might be a bit cold.

Also, check out these tips:

Winter bridal shoes are often designed with luxurious materials like satin, velvet, or fur to provide both elegance and warmth for the bride during chilly ceremonies. Additionally, many winter brides opt for closed-toe styles or boots to ensure comfort and protection against the cold weather.

Whether you love classic pumps, simple flats, elegant mules, touches of velvet, or even bridal boots, there are plenty of winter wedding shoes for bride and it's fun to select the shoes that would complete your look on a beautiful winter day. 

Also, note that rhinestones and crystals are always in style and add a touch of glamour to wedding shoes for winter bride.

Take a look below at these beautiful winter bridal shoes that are perfect for a winter wedding.

White Pumps

Classic Pumps

For the classic and elegant bride, white pumps are a perfect choice for a winter wedding. You can never go wrong with classic white pumps, and you can definitely wear them over and over again.

  • Consider comfort and fit. It's essential to prioritize comfort when selecting bridal pumps. You'll likely be on your feet for extended periods, from the ceremony to the reception, and possibly even dancing. Look for pumps with cushioned insoles and arch support. Consider a heel height that you're accustomed to or that you can comfortably wear for an extended period of time.
  • Opt for timeless white pumps: white pumps exude a timeless elegance that complements the classic bride's aesthetic, especially for a winter wedding. They provide a clean and sophisticated look that pairs seamlessly with traditional wedding attire. Additionally, white pumps are versatile and can be worn again for other special occasions or events, making them a practical investment.
  • Select quality materials: Pay attention to the materials used in the construction of the pumps. Opt for high-quality materials like genuine leather or satin for a luxurious feel and durability. Quality materials not only enhance the overall look of the pumps but also contribute to their comfort and longevity.
  • Embrace embellishments or details: While classic white pumps are a safe and elegant choice, consider pumps with subtle embellishments or details to add a touch of individuality. This could include delicate lace overlays, pearl or crystal embellishments, or a unique texture. These small details can elevate the overall look and add a personal touch to your bridal ensemble.
  • Practice walking in them: Once you've chosen your bridal pumps, practice walking in them before the big day. This will help you get accustomed to the height and fit, ensuring you feel confident and comfortable on your wedding day. If needed, consider adding gel inserts or cushions to further enhance comfort.

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White Mules

Chic Mules

For the bride who wants something stylish and comfortable at the same time, mules are for you; they are also a good choice for winter weddings.

Chic bridal mules are a fantastic choice for the modern bride seeking a blend of style and comfort on her special day. These elegant slip-on shoes exude a sense of sophistication while providing the bride with ease of movement and comfort. Mules are particularly well-suited for winter weddings, offering a closed-toe option that keeps the feet warm without sacrificing fashion.

When opting for bridal mules, consider the following tips:

  • Choose high-quality materials: Look for mules crafted from premium materials like satin, silk, or leather. Quality materials not only enhance the overall aesthetic but also ensure durability and comfort throughout the day.
  • Opt for a supportive heel height: While mules are known for their comfort, it's important to select a pair with a heel height that you can comfortably manage. Consider a moderate heel that provides support and stability, allowing you to walk confidently and dance the night away without sacrificing style. Additionally, consider adding gel inserts or cushions for extra comfort if needed.
Lace pumps

Sophisticated Heels

Lace pumps with delicate floral lace construction add a ladylike charm to these point-toe pumps and are the perfect bridal shoes. Sophisticated winter wedding heels with delicate floral lace construction exude an air of timeless elegance, making them the epitome of refined bridal footwear. These point-toe pumps showcase a perfect fusion of classic design and intricate detailing, adding a touch of romance to the bride's ensemble.

When opting for sophisticated bridal heels with lace, consider the following tips:

  • Ensure a proper fit: Given the intricacy of lace construction, it's crucial to choose heels that fit well. A snug yet comfortable fit ensures that the lace detailing lays smoothly against the foot, enhancing both comfort and aesthetics. Consider trying on different sizes and styles to find the perfect fit for your feet.
  • Coordinate with dress details: Pay attention to the lace pattern and style of your wedding gown. Try to match or complement the lace on the heels with that of the dress. This harmonious coordination creates a cohesive look that ties together all elements of your bridal ensemble, resulting in a polished and sophisticated appearance.

Simple Flats

For the minimal bride who wants something comfortable and simple, winter wedding flats are sophisticated and chic.

Simple flats are the epitome of understated elegance for the bride, who values comfort and simplicity above all else. Flat winter wedding shoes, in particular, exude a sophisticated charm that complements a minimalist aesthetic with grace. Their clean lines and unadorned design offer a timeless appeal that allows the bride's natural beauty to take center stage. These flats are a testament to the idea that less can truly be more, making them a perfect choice for brides who prefer a fuss-free yet refined look.

When considering simple flats for your bridal attire, here are two tips to keep in mind:

  • Prioritize comfort and support: Since flats lack the elevation of heels, it's crucial to prioritize comfort and support. Look for flats with cushioned insoles and arch support to ensure you can comfortably wear them throughout the day. Additionally, consider adding gel inserts or cushions for extra comfort, especially if you'll be spending extended periods on your feet.
  • Choose a versatile design: Opt for a pair of flats with a versatile design that complements a range of wedding gown styles. Neutral shades like ivory, blush, or metallics are excellent choices as they can effortlessly coordinate with various dress colors and textures. A timeless, unembellished pair of flats can also be worn beyond the wedding day for other special occasions.
  • Winter wedding flats: Opt for insulated or weather-resistant materials: Since winter weddings may involve potentially chilly or damp conditions, consider flats made from materials that offer insulation or are weather-resistant. Look for options with a lining or inner material that provides warmth, such as faux fur or shearling. Additionally, choose winter wedding flats with a sturdy, non-slip sole to navigate any potentially icy or wet surfaces with ease and confidence. This ensures that your feet stay cozy and comfortable, even in colder weather.

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white boots

Warm Boots

For a bride embracing the magic of a winter wedding, the choice of footwear becomes all the more important. Winter wedding boots, specifically designed for brides, offer both style and functionality in one elegant package. These boots are crafted with the winter bride in mind, providing warmth, comfort, and a touch of bridal sophistication.

The bride can confidently navigate snow-covered landscapes and chilly temperatures, all while exuding a graceful and refined presence. These boots are not only a practical choice for winter nuptials but also serve as a unique and memorable accessory, adding a distinctive element to the bridal ensemble. To ensure you choose the perfect winter wedding boots for brides, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Prioritize warmth without sacrificing style. Look for winter wedding boots that incorporate insulating materials like faux fur lining or shearling to keep your feet comfortably warm. Opt for designs that strike a balance between functionality and bridal elegance, ensuring they complement your wedding gown while providing the necessary warmth for the season.
  • Select boots with traction and stability: Given potentially slippery conditions in winter, it's crucial to choose boots with a durable, non-slip sole. Look for boots with a sturdy grip to help you navigate icy or snow-covered terrain with confidence. This ensures both safety and comfort throughout your special day.


wedding booties

Wedding Booties

Wedding booties, also known as bridal booties or wedding ankle boots, are a stylish and versatile choice for brides seeking a blend of fashion-forward flair and practicality.

These ladies' wedding boots offer a contemporary twist to traditional bridal footwear, providing brides with an edgy yet elegant option. With their shorter shaft and often intricate detailing, wedding booties make a statement as they peek out from beneath the wedding gown. Whether adorned with lace, embellishments, or unique textures, these ankle wedding boots add a touch of individuality to the bridal ensemble. When considering wedding booties for your special day, here are two essential tips:

  • Coordinate with dress length and style: Ensure that the length of your wedding gown complements the height of the booties. This balance creates a harmonious silhouette and allows the booties to be a standout feature. Additionally, consider the style of your dress and opt for booties that complement its overall aesthetic, whether it's a romantic, vintage-inspired gown or a more modern, sleek design.
  • Prioritize comfort and fit: Just like with any bridal footwear, comfort is key. Look for wedding booties with cushioned insoles and adequate arch support to ensure you can comfortably wear them throughout the day. Consider trying them on with your chosen wedding hosiery to get an accurate feel for the fit. If needed, consider adding gel inserts or cushions for extra comfort.

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