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Bridal Shoes

Once a bride finds her perfect wedding dress, it is time to complete her look with the perfect bridal shoes. Here you will find all the latest bridal shoe trends and the best tips to find your wedding shoes.

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If you are a woman who loves shoes and accessories then you must be looking for the perfect bridal shoes. All women know that a bride will spend as much time and thought of choosing her wedding shoes as she would choosing her wedding dress. You need to have your shoes ready by the time you start looking for your wedding dress. Yes, that early! You need to bring your shoes to your dress fitting, in case your dress needs alterations in terms of the length of the dress.

A bride’s wedding shoes are as important as her wedding dress; every bride needs to find the perfect pair of wedding heels to complete her bridal look on one of the most important days of her life. The style of bridal shoes you choose can be influenced by the style of your wedding dress, the length of the skirt, your own height, and whether or not you are comfortable wearing your heels all night.

Don't forget that the season you will get married plays a big role in choosing your wedding shoes, if you are getting married in winter then check out these beautiful winter wedding shoes we have picked for you.

What shoes should I wear for the big day?

If you are not sure whether shoes, wedding sandals or flip flops are best for you, and you are wondering "What shoes should I wear for the big day?", here are a few tips that might help you out:

  1.  When making your choice, always remember that comfort comes first! We can’t stress that enough! There is nothing attractive about a bride who can’t walk or dance comfortably because her shoes are giving her grief!
  2. Think of your venue. If you are having your wedding outdoors, test out the ground by walking around in heels. Some outdoor venues can get quite uncomfortable if your heel keeps getting caught in the ground.
  3. Sandals are a sweet summery choice, but do consider the inconvenience that accompanies them: Your groom, as well as several other guests, might step on your toes on the dance floor. Ouch!
  4. Make sure you try on your shoes with your dress. The length of your dress is tied to the height of your heels.
  5. Why not add some color to your overall look? Think outside the box and go for colored shoes! Perhaps, something blue?
  6. If you’re getting married this season, then you are in luck because your fashion options are endless! It seems that everything is in style! Whether you’re looking for strappy sandals, wedding wedges, flats, lace, platforms or stilettos, everything goes. 
  7. Consider the option of changing into flat wedding shoes (or even cute slippers or flip flops) later on in the night. That will save your feet, and you’ll thank us the following day!
  8. Why not go the extra mile and give your guests the break too? Have a few baskets in the venue with rubber flip flops in them so that your guests can also change into something more comfortable, and dance the night away. 

You can also opt for a beautiful wedding sneaker, click to read more. 

If you’re planning on wearing some elegant wedding heels which you want to wear over and over again, then you need to keep them brand new and clean. 

Here are 4 tips to help you keep your white wedding shoes clean:

  • Before you wear them apply water repellent or stain repellent.
  • If you get a stain on your shoes, use some warm water and blot, once you remove the stain make sure you absorb as much water as possible and dry the spot completely.
  • If your shoe fabric is a canvas and not leather, then stains can be a bit more difficult to remove, so use a stain cleaner, scrub all over the shoe, not just the stained area, so the shoe will dry evenly and will not have water spots.
  • For white suede shoes, do not wet it as it will cause the dirt to absorb deeper into the material; instead, go over the stain with a dry brush.

We created this great and helpful section for bridal shoes to help you find the perfect pair of comfortable bridal shoes and what to look for when you are buying your wedding shoes. This section is also filled with the most beautiful bridal shoe trends and latest bridal shoe collections. Whether you are looking for bridal flats, bridal sandals, bridal heels, or bridal wedges you will find everything here.