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Candles Dubai

One of the most popular decor items used in weddings are candles, there is nothing more romantic than decorating your wedding reception with flickering candles and lights.

What we love about candles is that they come in all shapes and sizes, and they even come in all the scents you can imagine. Candles are also relatively inexpensive, so you can use plenty of them for a more romantic dreamy feel.

You can use candles in many different ways, such as on your wedding tables as candle centerpieces, to create a warm glow. You can also light pathways and staircases at the venue. Another creative way to use candles at your wedding is to have candle wedding favors for your wedding guests.

There are endless of options when it comes to using candles at your wedding.

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There many places in Dubai that have beautiful candles, candles Dubai shops are known to have unique and lovely candles for all your events.

Make sure you find the best quality scented candles Dubai for your wedding with this helpful list.



Candleliers is a small business that is all about upcycling, they transform used bottles into luxurious candles, perfect for the environmentally conscious couple. 


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Candles Dubai

Candles Dubai are manufacturers, importers, and exporters of candles, and accessories who are specialists in wedding candles, as well as, gift candles in India and the UAE.

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Crate and Barrel

Crate & Barrel is a lifestyle shop with an exclusive collection of home furnishings and housewares classic to contemporary. They first opened their doors in 1962 as a family business. They have an online shop for you to be able to order everything you want.

They offer lifestyle brands inspired by living through high-quality products, exclusive designs, and timeless style, all powered by digital design and visualization tools that provide seamless shopping solutions in-store and online.

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Since 1961, their passion for creativity and design has made them a world-renowned perfume house, purveyor of a comprehensive line of home fragrance including their iconic candles, personal fragrance, and body care.

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Home Box

Home Box is a one-stop-shop offering smart furniture and decor items for everyday living, they also offer a wide range of candles at affordable prices.

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Home Center

Home Centre is the leading home retailer in the Middle East, North Africa, and the Indian subcontinent. Home Centre offers an extensive and impressive range of furniture, home furnishings, home accessories, bed and bath items, and kitchenware. They also carry a wide range of beautiful candles.


Ikea, the world-known Swedish multinational conglomerate that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances, and home accessories, among other useful goods. If you are looking to buy candles in bulk, Ikea is the perfect choice.

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For those who are looking for eco-friendly zero waste candles, Innara creates soy and vegan wax candles, as well as, recycled and eco-friendly packaging.

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Julia Volet Flowers & Candles

When Julia Volet set up Julia Volet Botanics in 2014, she had one aim in mind. "I wanted to sell simple, yet stylish flowers, beautifully presented to the UAE market. And I knew people would love it." With a strong sense of color and design and genuine passion for flowers, it has proved to be a winning combination, establishing Julia Violet Botanics as the premier name in Dubai’s flower market – and beyond.

Julia Volet expanded her passion for flowers into a collection of exquisitely scented candles and luxury fragrances dedicated to creating a sensory experience of how the scent can transform space; mood, and atmosphere.

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Jo Malone

Jo Malone will help you fill your life with the most beautiful scent, the British bespoke fragrance comes in immaculately wrapped in their signature box to create an individual statement.

Defined by an unconventional sense of sophistication. Jo Malone candles are timeless and elegant.

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Lifestyle, which was launched in 1998, is a leading retail destination for branded home, beauty, and fashion products.

Their products, which offer an eclectic array of solutions for the modern-day fashionista and her home, include cosmetics, perfumes, fashion bags,  accessories, home décor, home furnishings, bath décor, home fragrances, spa products, and teen gifts.

They also offer a wide range of beautiful smelling candles in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

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Molton Brown

Over the decades they have built up a reputation for being London's bath, body, and beauty connoisseurs. Their perfumes, shower gels, body lotions, candles, and hand care products blend exotic ingredients with a touch of London eccentricity for bold fragrances and bright colors that stand out on the shelf. 

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Noon is an online shopping platform for all your needs, if you are looking for candles and candle holders delivered to your doorstep check out their collection.

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Pan Emirates

PAN Emirates is one of the highly acclaimed home furnishing brands in the region. With 18 stores across the Middle East with 4 more under-development. The brand has become the first choice for customers looking for the widest range of furniture and accessories. 

You can find hundreds of kinds of candles on their website for all your events

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Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn was built on the idea that home furnishings should be exceptional in comfort, quality, style, and value. You can find many different candle shapes and sizes as well as beautiful candle holders.

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Pure Candles

Beautifully hand-made luxury eco-friendly candles and melts in 15 signature fragrances.

Melts can be used in a burner, or simply put into your wardrobe/drawers to fragrance. Made to order also for wedding favors and can color match your wedding colors.

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Silsal Design House

Silsal Design House is a creative homeware brand founded on the belief that great design is for everyone – it surprises, tells a story, and makes every day less ordinary. Since launching in 2013, the company has developed a reputation for producing contextual and elegant tableware, home décor, and gifts.

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The One

Invented by Thomas Lundgren and born and bred in the United Arab Emirates, THE One Total Home Experience opened our first store in 1996 in Abu Dhabi. Today, having proven that things do grow in the desert, they are present in eight countries across the Middle East and North Africa.

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Wallace & Co.

Wallace & Co. are designers and producers of what we imagine to be market-leading candles and home fragrance goods.

Their journey began in 2015 when they began customizing candles for businesses in Dubai and a few hundred thousand products later they are still here designing and producing products that are the most fun and dynamic in the industry.

They have worked with some of the world's most luxury brands, including Rolls Royce, Bulgari, and Burj Al Arab.

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White Almonds Gifting

Almonds have a bittersweet taste, representing life. Sugarcoating is added to make life sweeter and that’s what they aim to provide at White Almonds. With a carefully curated gift collection, White Almonds is the ultimate one-stop premium gifting platform in the UAE.

At White Almonds, discover the graceful world of personalized Luxury Gifts in terms of flexibility and convenience, with a dedicated team that provides you with a personal service, fulfilling all your gifting needs without the hassle.

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You Rock Dubai

As your “complete gift service”, You Rock is dedicated to fulfilling all your personal and business gift boxes requirements in an efficient, professional, and personalized manner.

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