The Best Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Venue

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The Best Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Venue

Your wedding venue will probably take the most out of your wedding budget, at the same time it is the most important wedding aspect as it helps set the tone to your wedding.

Location is basically the most important part of your wedding, and it can be tricky when you want to save some money but you also want a great wedding venue.

Here are some tips that will help you choose the perfect wedding venue and save some money as well:

Hotels: The most popular option when it comes to wedding venues are hotel ballrooms.

#1 Make sure everything is included in your fee, such as tables, chairs, linens and all the other little details.

#2 Pay attention to extras and hidden charges, for example chairs might be included in the fee but what about chair covers? Will you have to pay extra for them? Make sure to clear that out.

#3 Book your wedding in the low season.

#4 Don’t forget to calculate the taxes and service charges.

Gardens: A great option for a couple who wants an elegant yet fun outdoor wedding.

#1 Keep the guest list small to keep your costs low.

#2 Save on flowers since gardens are filled with trees, natural blooms and plants, so you won’t need to choose high priced flowers for your venue and centerpieces.

Restaurants:  A cozy option for a more intimate wedding.

#1 Avoid busy days, and even better yet, if the restaurant closes on a certain day of the week they might let you have the wedding there for a reduced cost.

#2 Keep the decoration simple and minimal, remember it is a restaurant and not a ballroom.

#3 Work on a special wedding menu with the restaurant, as they can control the price per guest.

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