The Best Wedding Catering Companies in Dubai

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Wedding Catering Companies in Dubai

When it comes to the food and desserts served at Dubai weddings, brides and grooms are looking for new and creative ideas. Every season we find new amazing food and dessert trends taking over, just like every wedding detail.

Every season brings different delicious treats and foods, other factors that affect the type of food being served at a wedding is the theme, and of course the wedding venue.

For the couples who are getting married in Dubai, UAE, there are so many professional catering companies that will create unique and delicious foods and desserts for your wedding.

Catering companies in Dubai are always competing to serve the best to their clients, so if you are a bride who is planning her wedding in Dubai, we bring you a list with the top wedding catering companies in Dubai.


Pinch Gourmet - Dubai

Pinch Gourmet

Pinch Gourmet's chef was trained at Le Cordon Bleu Paris in Ottawa. Fusing and reinventing traditional cuisines for West to East, from filling banquet dishes to appetizing treats and finger foods. Pinch Gourmet serves the feast that is perfect for any event.

Oushe Gourmet Bakeshop - Dubai

Oushe Gourmet Bakeshop

Oushe uses only the top quality products for their cakes and sweets and even ther dishes and salads, they will create everything you need and more.

Yes Chef - Dubai

Yes Chef

A specialized catering company in Dubai, Yes Chef has some of the best chefs in Europe and Dubai.

Chef Yasser - Dubai

Chef Yasser

Chef Yasser creates unique and delicous Arabic foods with a modern twist, he is also an expert when it comes to international cuisine. Chef Yasser not only caters to events and weddings, he also has a home delivery service, and daily meal plans.

Cateriya Catering Services - Dubai

Cateriya Catering Services

Cateriya Hospitality is a private and corporate catering and events organization with a vision to provide heartwarming food combined with premium service. They provide delicious, inspiring, innovative food with cutting edge, spectacular presentation which enables them to be at the forefront of the industry.

Blast Catering - Dubai

Blast Catering

Blast Catering is here to cater mouth-watering and sumptuous dishes to your next event or special occasion. Among the menu options are banquet and buffet, holiday, breakfast, kid’s and canapés and bowls. Blas Catering team understands the importance of your wedding, and they make sure to work closely with your wedding planner to ensure the food reflects how intimate and memorable the night is.

Chez Charles - Dubai

Chez Charles

hez Charles then introduced to the Dubai social scene, fancy yet convivial barbecues, and functions  ‘à la provençale’. With the new Michelin Stars recruits, Chez Charles is expanding the kitchen for a wider catering scope and a new lunch idea.

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