Spice Up Your Wedding Menu

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Spice Up Your Wedding Menu

If you’re bored of the usual wedding menus and you’re looking for some new ideas, we are here to help you out. We love innovative and fresh ideas especially when it comes to food! Read "The Biggest Wedding Food Trends for 2013"

Wedding menus can get pretty classic and basic, but more and more couples are coming up with new ideas to make their wedding an unforgettable experience.

Here are our favorite wedding menu trends that you and your guests will absolutely love:

Donuts: We have previously mentioned the donut wedding cake! But how about having a whole donut bar? The flavors are endless, and come on, who doesn’t love donuts? Check these cute ideas!

Soup Shooters: Looking for some new hors d'oeuvres ideas?  Pick your favorite soup and serve it to your guests.

Fruity Drinks and Smoothies: Forget about the bar and soft drinks, introduce your guests to some delicious and refreshing juices and smoothies.

Chocolate Menus: Yes, we are talking about edible chocolate menus placed on each guests’ plate with the menu printed on it! How cool is that?

Soda Bar: We have previously mentioned this in our article "The Latest Wedding Trends" . Have different sodas, syrups, fruits and ice cream flavors for your guests to make their own delicious drinks! Cherry vanilla Coke anyone?

Wedding Cake Giveaway: We think this is a great way to save on your wedding favors, and make sure your cake doesn’t go to waste.

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Have your caterer put individual slices of your wedding cake in boxes and arrange them on a table, add a note that says "Take a slice of cake with you." Your guests will love this personal touch from you. Here are a few packaging ideas we simply love:

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