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The Latest Wedding Trends for 2012

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The Latest Wedding Trends for 2012

Brides are becoming more and more innovative and creative when it comes to their wedding planning, some are even starting a new trend every now and then!

Here are the top 11 wedding trends we think are worth doing at your wedding!

#1 Hand-Picked Flowers

Janie Medley, florist and blogger behind the popular blog The Bride's Café, says: "Brides today love the ‘just-picked’ and looser feel and look to their bouquet. Their flower choices tend to be those you can purchase from your local Farmer’s Market, such as dahlias, Queen Anne’s lace and scabiosa."

#2 The Raw Bar

Josh Tierney, Co-Director of Style and Design at Great Performances, says: "The raw bar can be a clean, elegant, cocktail-hour friendly presentation. Instead of piles of shrimp and oysters, we’ve created a ‘grab n’ go’ seafood presentation, featuring small plates of oysters on a bed of sea salt and individual shrimp cocktail shooters in clear glass votive holders."
"Accent the menu with a condiment bar: Cocktail, mignonette, lemons and horseradish presented in martini, highball and rocks glasses. Miniature bottles of Tabasco sauce will complete the look," adds Josh Tierney.

#3 Healthy Cocktail Bar

Wedding planner Maria Cook suggests replacing traditional non-alcoholic drinks with freshly squeezed juices and fresh herb accents.

#4 Smaller Bridal Parties

This trend might be inspired by Kate Middleton, but brides are trying not to burden their friends. Celebrity wedding planner Shawn Rabideau comments: "The days of large wedding parties are no more, and professionally, I couldn't agree more. Choreographing the processional is sometimes like timing out the Rose Bowl Parade with eight to ten attendants, but now brides don't want the hassle of listening to their friends complain about the dress and shoes they have to purchase."

#5 Black and White Photography

Ask your photographer to take black and white pictures of you, your groom and wedding party.
Blair deLaubenfels, co-owner of Junebug Weddings, says: "Along with the resurgence of film, black and white photography has made a big comeback in popularity as couples look for timeless images to complete their modern wedding day packages."

#6 Craft Décor

Textural and craft elements such as paper, yarn, buttons, felt and rope are incorporated into bouquets, boutonierres, centerpieces and floral décor elements are making their way into weddings more and more these days.

#7 Old Fashioned Soda Fountain

Another idea for a non-alcoholic bar is to create a fun and surprising Soda Bar! Matthew Riznyk, Catering Chef de Cuisine at Great Performances, says: "What I love about taking it back to the style of the jerk bar is that it's a fun twist on a tried and true classic. We use artisanal ingredients to create exceptional flavor profiles, yet keeping it simple and really adding that wow factor with elements of design and modern nostalgia," Riznyk says.
Your bar menu can include fruit-flavored soda or have the bar set for dessert and offer floats, egg creams and milk shakes!

#8 Global Styling

Every couple likes to go back to their costumes, religion and heritage when planning some wedding details. But many are also including other international traditions.
The combined feels of multi-cultural representations are becoming very popular.

#9 Seasonal Cake Décor

When deciding on your wedding cake, make sure to consider the season! Each season will inspire you with its motifs and figures, which make great decorations.

#10 Personalization

Brides and grooms are looking to add their own taste and show their personality through their wedding. Couples are looking for more ways to make their weddings stand out and be unique.

#11 Casual and Small Weddings

Young couples are preferring smaller and more intimate weddings. Wedding planner Shawn Rabideau says: "Instead of a 5-hour party: 1 hour of cocktails and 4 hours of dinner, dancing and dessert my clients are opting for a 4-hour party where they have passed canapés, food stations, and passed small plates finished off with bite-sized treats."