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Spring-themed Wedding Cakes

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Spring-themed Wedding Cakes

What more beautiful season to wed in than Spring! You have the perfect excuse to go as colorful, fresh and romantic as you want. When it comes to the wedding cake, it has to reflect the theme and color palette of your wedding, as it is one of the most important elements of your big day.

This season, it’s all about variety, different tones and textures, and mixing and matching.


Here’s a few ideas to get you started…



Pastels are the traditional way to go when it comes to spring wedding cakes, but why not add some toned-down hues to give some highlights to the cake? Think yellow, pink and orchid. You can't go wrong with white, pink and lime green or a bright mix of orange and yellow. Although white icing is customary, consider covering the cake in a light pastel and use white as an accent color in the design elements.




Fruit and citrus flavors are at the top of the list this spring! Berry, lemon or orange fillings will complement white, strawberry or yellow cake layers. Stay away from dark layers, such as red velvet or chocolate and heavy custard fillings at this time of year as they are more appropriate for cooler seasons.




Buttercream is the icing of choice for a spring wedding cake. You can also go for white or light pastel-colored fondant for a satin smooth touch. You can also ask for an extra-white coloring to brighten up the cake.



A tiered wedding cake is always an elegant choice for a formal spring wedding. And a cuter friendlier option is a cupcake cake, with tiny individual cakes arranged on tiered plates.


Cupcakes from Martha Stewart


Shapes and Add-ons

Spring time is all about flowers and butterflies. Try adding elements made out of chocolate, sugar, or marzipan to your cake. Also, you can never go wrong with flowers when it comes to defining a spring-themed wedding cake. Match your cake to your bouquet by asking if your baker can create sugar versions of your wedding flowers. If you've chosen a more classic and elegant theme for your wedding, ask your baker to paint small daisies along your cake using edible dye.



Seasonal Sides and Add-ons

Consider going the extra mile and offering a spring-inspired side along with your wedding cake. Why not serve cake with delicious lavender or rose ice cream? You can also add chocolate-covered cherries to each plate or have your caterer add berries on each guest’s plate.