Chic Tulle Balloons for Your Bridal Shower

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Chic Tulle Balloons for Your Bridal Shower

Are you planning your own bridal shower party or a friend's shower?

The decor is an essential part of this fun event that gathers all the lady friends of a bride-to-be together. Wherever you are having the bridal shower party, nothing says "Party!" like balloons

To steer away from a birthday atmosphere and elevate the event to a bridal-approved one, chic tulle balloons are the answer. Helium balloons wrapped with elegant tulle in coordinated colors will add great fun and chic element to your party. 

Use coordinated colors that match your overall theme, keep it simple or add flowers, artificial or real, for an elegant and fresh look. But, remember, the lighter the objects you are adding to the balloons, the better it is to keep them floating or hanging. 

Tulle balloons are easy to make at home, all you need is: 

  • Latex balloons (30-36 inches) 
  • Tulle fabric 
  • Scissor
  • Rubber band
  • Invisible cord or fishing wire (if you wish to hang them on the wall)
  • Ribbons and flowers

Inflate the balloon, cut the tulle fabric into squares, drape it over the balloon, gather it neatly at the bottom, trim the excess fabric before tying it with a rubber band, add coordinating ribbons or flowers for embellishment.

You can use helium-filled balloons if you wish to float them, or regular ones if you would like to hang them.