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Cocoon of Love Wedding in Lebanon

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Cocoon of Love Wedding in Lebanon

In a world of uncertainty, in a world of interrupted plans and dreams. Everyone celebrated Jess and Jeff as the butterfly celebrates its coming of age in its cocoon; the coming of age of love that was preserved in the "Cocond’Amour", to bloom and blossom into a sacred union of two souls.

This artistic and creative Lebanese wedding took place on 31 October 2020 at a B By Elefteriades, a restaurant located on the rooftop of Aishti by the sea. 

The wedding guests entered this fantasy that began with an art symbol; a mesmerizing wonder creature, shining gold, and love, representing the love that grew and matured in the cocoon The team of The Plot Events chose a Japanese haiku to translate art to the wedding guests; "Behold the wonder, She shines within and without. Blossoming in love".

The newlyweds and guests entered the celebration through a custom-designed maze-like tunnel using dried autumn leaves, passing through the metamorphosis of love into the union.

Guests were then welcomed with their seating cards that were hanging by silk fringes on the dry vines of an autumn tree, to continue their path unto a field of dried artichoke flowers glistened by sparkles of light; this path transitioned the guests into the main space of the event, the "CoconD’Amour".

The guests found themselves surrounded by a sleek cocoon shell, designed by installed silk strings hanging from the ceiling to the ground. Once inside the cocoon, the wedding guests were struck by hints of fiery and earthy elements and colors, experiencing a warm, cozy, and truly wild fantasy of nature.

The Plot Events' own designed ceiling installation and fringed chairs and tables, added to the velvet seating and food menus, together with the centerpieces of handmade skeleton leaves, dried flowers, and real silkworm cocoons, growing on dried vines wrapped in gold leaf sheets. 

The team made sure that the selected entertainment, cake design, and giveaways have enhanced the flavor of the cocoon experience and the festive vibes for both the newlyweds and their guests. 

Wedding Venue: B by Elefteriades

Wedding Planning & Production: The Plot Events and Stories

Wedding Cake: Cuisine D’amour

Wedding Photographer: Pulse Production

Wedding Catering: B By Elefteriades

Wedding Dj/Singer: Dj Danielle HannaPercussion and Hang Drum: Cats Production Band: Manel and Kris – Cats Production

Wedding Entertainment: Steps We

Wedding Flowers: Masaha Design 

Bridal Hair: Tony Mendelek

Wedding Cards: Arli Wedding Cards

Wedding Dress: Mireille Dagher