Creative Destination Wedding Invitations

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Creative Destination Wedding Invitations

Once you have decided on a destination wedding you will soon need to invite your guests to your wedding. Keep in mind that the lead time for sending invitations to destination weddings is longer than regular weddings as your guests need to book flights and sort out hotel accommodation well ahead of time. You have to be mindful of the costs your guests will incur to join your celebration, so the longer lead time you give them, the better the air fare rates they will find.

Yes, you can send a regular Save The Date message, a video or a printed invitation card with tropical images or sea shells, but if you want to make it a bit more special, look for a unique wedding invitation that sets the tone to a more creative and fun-packed destination wedding from the get go. 

Creativity has no limits; think of all the elements of a destination wedding for inspiration and apply any of them to your invitation cards. Take clues from travel experiences, airports, hotels, the destination itself, the culture of the destination you picked, their food, music... any element that well represents the theme of your wedding, and run with it. 

Here are some ideas we liked for creative destination wedding invitations which will inspire you:


Message in a bottle invitation Message in a bottle invitation  with a boxMessage in a bottle invitation

Message in a Bottle

This is one of our favorite destination wedding ideas; an excellent choice for beach weddings.

To recreate this idea, you just need a medium sized corked glass or plastic bottle. You can add some sand and seashells or a small starfish. Then design your invitation cards and print them on paper that can be rolled as a scroll to fit inside the bottle. Put some customized labels on the bottle and here you go, a very unique wedding invitation indeed. 

To top it off in style, you can place each bottle in a wooden box with the name of the guest inscribed on the lid.

Luggage tags as invitations Luggage tags as wedding invitations

Luggage Tags

Luggage tags are a symbol of travel often used by hotels and resorts to identify the luggage of their guests. Not only is it a unique way to use as a destination wedding invitation, but it is simple to design and print. To add an extra detail to it, punch a hole in it and wrap an elastic band or thread around it. 

Passport style invitation cardPassport style invitation card

Passport Invitations

By definition, most guests attending a destination wedding are traveling from one country to another. And what's the one thing that we all cannot travel without? You guessed it, your passport!  

Sending your guests a passport wedding invitation will initiate the beginning of a much anticipated journey. Include a picture of you both, and information on your wedding written in passport-style font and lingo. 

Boarding Pass InvitationBoarding Pass Invitation

Boarding Pass Invitations

Although most boarding passes nowadays are electronic, there's something nostalgic about a printed boarding pass. Design your wedding invitations as boarding passes requesting your guests to join you at your wedding, eg Boarding Pass for the Wedding of X & Y or for destination so and so, and include the rest of the information you would like them to have. 

Ticket Invitation

Ticket Invitations

Whether you opt for an e-ticket or a printed ticket when you book your flight, tickets are a strong symbol of travel, especially air travel.

Many couples have used tickets to create their unique invitation cards for their destination weddings. Make sure to use similar language that is used on tickets, such as, departure, destination, landing, take off, arrival, on-board... to strengthen the theme. 

Postcard InvitationPostcard Invitation

Postcard Invitation

A postcard, for the millenials who might have not seen one, is a rectangular card used for sending a message by post without an envelope, typically having a photograph or other illustration on one side. A postcard invitation is a great idea for a vintage wedding theme. 

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