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Cymbeline 2021 Pure Wedding Dresses

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Cymbeline 2021 Pure Wedding Dresses

With only the purity of the cut and the shine of the materials, without ornament, only the delicacy of a smile and the gaiety of true happiness. When the expression of a face and body language becomes the most beautiful setting.

“Be positive and believe in the tomorrows that sing. The best response to the crisis is to look ahead and believe in your destiny. Yes, we were hit hard, and despite that, we believe all the more in French knowhow. Yes to Calais lace, Yes to artisans and artists who accompany us in our dreams. Yes to our creative office in Fontainebleau, which creates with passion all of our prototypes, which knows how to give shape to our emotional sons. Yes to our Cymbeline stores, to all the teams, to our seamstresses who advise future brides, helping them find their dress, that of the beautiful day. Yes to Paris which inspires us still the same for over 45 years. Yes to traditions because they are the bond of our societies. Yes to future destinies and eternal promises. Life is Beautiful, it deserves a big Yes!”

The Pure 2021 Cymbeline wedding dress collection is simple, modern, and timeless!