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Discover The Top Wedding Venues in Corfu

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Discover The Top Wedding Venues in Corfu

Imagine saying "I do" under a canopy of olive trees, the Aegean breeze whispering the secrets of ancient gods through the leaves. Imagine exchanging vows with the turquoise Ionian Sea as your backdrop, its gentle waves serenading your love story. Picture dancing the night away in a Venetian castle courtyard, the air alive with laughter and the intoxicating rhythm of Greek bouzoukis.

Corfu, the emerald isle of Greece, is not just a wedding destination; it's an escape into a timeless tapestry of myth, romance, and breathtaking beauty. It's where Odysseus found solace after his epic journey, where Venetian romance bloomed in grand palazzos, and where the spirit of ancient gods still whispers in the rustling olive groves.

Getting married in Corfu is more than just exchanging vows; it's about weaving your love story into the very fabric of the island's rich tapestry. It's about barefoot walks on secluded beaches, sharing laughter over plates of fresh seafood, and getting lost in the labyrinthine streets of ancient villages. It's about basking in the golden glow of Corfu's sunsets, feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin, and having the promise of forever in your hearts.

So, are you ready to embark on your own Corfu wedding adventure? We'll unveil some of the island's most captivating locations for your Corfu wedding, each one a portal to a different era and a different dream. From ancient villas perched on cliffs to hidden coves embraced by olive groves, we'll help you find the perfect Corfu wedding venue to paint your forever love story upon.


Danilia Village

A nest of authentic greenery and rich, corfoit colours, the traditional Greek village of Danilia offers an idyllic wedding setting with impeccable service and impressive Ionian cuisine.

Situated less than 5km from Grecotel Resorts, Danilia Village is a traditional setting for those seeking an authentic, alfresco wedding celebration with the luxury of resort amenities nearby.

The village has hosted several movies, notably scenes from the James Bond film "For Your Eyes Only" and, most recently, the filming of the smash hit ITV series "The Durrells," "The Eye," and "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3."

Boasting two open-air village squares, an old Corfiot Orthodox church, the Danilia folk art museum, a traditional café, a large open-air tavern, the largest indoor events hall on Corfu Island, old Venetian buildings, and traditional shops, Danilia Village creates a unique feeling of stepping back in time.

During your nuptial celebrations, you can travel through the history and tradition of corfu by indulging in authentic Iptanesian cuisine. All wedding dishes are prepared in the village kitchens with authentic recipes from the Ionian Islands using selected organic ingredients.

Luxury accommodation can be provided for you and your guests across a selection of Grecotel hotels and resorts on Corfu Island, including Corfu Imperial.

Ekaterini Estate

Ekaterini Estate

The Ekaterini Estate is a magnificent hilltop estate above the village of Gastouri, one of the oldest and most beautiful villages in Corfu. This luxurious, prestigious residence gives you unique privacy, though it is only 20 minutes from Corfu Town and 5 minutes from the port of Benitses.

There cannot be many places in the world that can rival the exquisite Ekaterini Estate as the perfect wedding venue. Set at the top of its hill with surrounding views of the beautiful Corfu landscape, it is a dream come true. The estate is altogether private and tranquil, and a romantic, mellow atmosphere permeates throughout.

The Estate has a picturesque chapel, where you might choose to have a blessing. There are many beautiful spots and backdrops for taking the most memorable of photographs.

NikolasTraditional Taverna

NikolasTraditional Taverna

Amidst the turquoise Ionian Sea and verdant land, Nikolas Traditional Taverna offers the perfect venue for hosting a great range of memorable dream wedding receptions and spectacular beach weddings that everyone will remember for a lifetime.

The Eleni Mansion

The Eleni Mansion

Eleni Luxury Villa is located in the north of Corfu, in the quiet area of ​​Almyros, on an area of ​​4500 sq.m. and close to Acharavi.

The Eleni Mansion is a beautiful space for an intimate and private wedding. A solar-powered villa, it has six guest rooms within it, a swimming pool, and 800 square metres around the pool to host your wedding reception. They also have a babysitting service if you’re travelling with little ones, and you can take it over for a full weekend of festivities.

White House

The White House

The White House Restaurant, the Noon Island Journey travel agency, and Irida Boats, all owned by the same entrepreneur, will collaborate with you and/or a wedding planner of your choice to plan the wedding of your dreams by providing the majority of its most important ingredients!

They serve exquisite Michelin-awarded cuisine as one of the best restaurants on the island of Corfu, which is currently curated by one of the most influential Greek chefs, Lefteris Lazarou!

They are committed to making your dream wedding a reality, which includes providing you and your guests with an exceptional dining experience and service on your wedding day. Their unique coastal setting is ideal for those seeking a stunning beach wedding. 

The Eva Palace

The Grecotel Eva Palace Resort

With the stunning backdrop of turquoise waters and the azure skies of Kommeno Bay, you can exchange or renew your vows of love in a ceremony tailored to your every wish.

Whether you want a small and private gathering or a large celebration with family and friends, they can help you plan the perfect day and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Looking to organise the wedding of your dreams in Corfu? Eva Palace will make it happen just for you, as we can design the most special ceremony to exchange or renew your vows of eternal love. 

The Corfu Secret Hotel

The Corfu Secret Hotel

The architectural rhythm and his manufacture transport the visitor back to the 18th and 19th centuries. The discreet luxury and Venetian style, with influences from the French and English presence on the island, dominate all spaces of the Corfu hotel.

From the invitation to the wedding celebration overlooking the deep blue Ionian Sea, the hotel staff, with your cooperation, will organize the wedding of your dreams.

From your arrival to your departure, a package of secret surprises will transform the most important moment of your life into a magical and memorable experience.

The Courti Estate

The Courti Estate

Located on the exclusive Corfu Riviera on the south-east coast, The Courti Estate is one of the most luxurious holiday villas in Corfu. Set on its own gated estate, it is available for private hire for holidays, weddings, and corporate events.

With its authentic charm and luxurious surroundings, the Courti Estate is the perfect venue for weddings in Corfu. It provides a framework that you can tailor to your personal taste within its private and expansive grounds. The estate can accommodate both intimate and large wedding parties, or any other kind of event.

For large parties, there are numerous accommodation choices within walking distance for any guests not staying at Courti. Excellent weather is almost guaranteed during the summer months, but the venue can cater for all weather conditions.

The Gardiki Castle

The Gardiki Castle

The Castle of Gardiki is located on a low hill near the village of Agios Matthaios. Agios Matthaios is an authentic village that is quite large. Thanks to its location away from the sea, it is not as lively as other areas close to resorts. The village of Agios Matthaios is at a higher elevation than the castle. To the south of the castle is Korissis Lake. Gardiki Castle is a 13th-century Byzantine castle and the only surviving medieval fortress on the southern part of the island of Corfu.

Villa Sylva

Villa Sylva

Villa Sylva is a unique private beachfront luxury villa rental and wedding venue in Corfu, Greece.​

Located in the Kanoni area of Corfu, this magnificent beachfront estate has views over the small island of Pontikonissi, or Mouse Island. Shimmering within a luscious forest of multi-hued greenery, this prestigious villa gives you unique privacy, yet it is only 10 minutes away from Corfu town.

The estate includes large beautifully manicured gardens with ornate flowering shrubbery, offering the perfect setting for your wedding reception or ceremony and the large pool area is ideal for receptions. All areas offer you amazing backdrops for your wedding photographs.

If you prefer a church wedding over a garden ceremony, the estate is also ideally located in the Kanoni area of Corfu, only a 7-minute drive away from two beautiful historical churches, which are both great options for a memorable wedding ceremony.

Your wedding day is truly a special occasion a day that is uniquely yours make it unforgettable by celebrating your union at Villa Sylva in the elegant garden with ample space, a pond, lush greenery and stunning views over the Ionian sea. 

Villa Sylva pool area is spacious and perfect for wedding receptions offering lots of room for guest tables and leaving ample space for a dance floor, if this is not big enough, you also have the option to put a platform on part of the swimming pool so your guests have all the room they need to dance the night away in celebration of your union!

Bella Venezia

The Bella Venezia Boutique Hotel

The Bella Venezia Boutique Hotel, housed in a gloriously restored neo-classical mansion, is an oasis of calm in the heart of Corfu's vibrant capital. 

Bella Venezia is one of the island’s premier hotels, its reputation based as much on the impeccable, personalized service offered by its long-time staff as on its fine amenities. 

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