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Dubai-Based Wedding Planners Take Part in Swiss Study Tour

Dubai-Based Wedding Planners Take Part in Swiss Study Tour

The breathtaking scenery in Switzerland offers the ideal background for ever-lasting memories. A large choice of locations ranging from castles on the lake shore surrounded by palm trees, to mountain huts in the eternal snow, to an estate in the vineyards or a park of a romantic hotel with style.

Villa Principe Leopoldo

Villa Principe Leopoldo

A group of international wedding planners and media visited Switzerland from 2 to 6 October 2022 on a study tour to look at what 2 specific regions in Switzerland, Ticino and Lucerne, can offer couples looking for a unique wedding destination. The program was prepared by Switzerland Tourism and supported by Ticino Tourism and Lucerne Tourism. The group included wedding planners from 8 countries, including 2 from Dubai: The Purple Chair and JAM Wedding Planner

Stefanie Heller

Stefanie Heller, JAM Wedding Planner, Dubai

"Coming to Switzerland was an extraordinary experience. Even for me as a German, I had never explored the Italian part of Switzerland, which was breathtaking with the countryside, locations and stunning views. All the hotels we have visited were stunning and perfect for weddings. All of them were unique, exquisit, full of history and charming beside the amazing weather and views. The food was fantastic, the service excellent and everything extremely well organized. I really look forward to planning weddings in Switzerland and will recommend all of the venues to my clients. Thank you very much for having me", said Stefanie Heller, Senior Wedding Planner, JAM Wedding Planner.

An exclusive selection of wedding venues in Ticino, an Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, were selected for the group that included fairytale castles, romantic historical hotels, beautiful villas, Brissago island with its magnificent botanical gardens. In Ticino the group visited:

  • Resort Collina d'Oro
  • Hotel Villa Orselina
  • Brissago island, Hotel Villa Emden
  • Hotel Splendide Royal
  • Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola
  • Castello di Morcote
  • Villa Principe Leopoldo

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The group continued their study tour in Central Switzerland, where the gorgeous Lucerne region surrounded by the lake and the Alpine peaks. Lucerne ahs the ideal conditions for an unforgettable wedding celebration. Lake cruises, chocolate and cheese tasting, mountain experience and activities can be easily combined in the social programme for the wedding guests.

In Lucerne the study tour group visited: 

  • Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern
  • Grand Hotel National Luzern
  • Ameron Luzerne Hotel Flora
  • Bürgenstock Resort
  • Park Hotel Vitznau
  • Mandarin Oriental Palace
  • Schlössli Utenberg
  • Villa Schweizerhof
  • Kempinski Palace Engelberg

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Rasha Badran in Switzerland

Rasha Badran, The Purple Chair, Dubai

"It has been an absolute pleasure visiting beautiful Switzerland! It was a delight for all the senses. The views were surreal and you can never get enough of all the beautiful landscapes. The same applies to the beautiful architecture and historical sites. The service everywhere is impeccable with so much attention to detail. As for the culinary side, Switzerland had a wonderful cuisine which goes far beyond its famous cheese and chocolate!  

I would definitely recommend Switzerland to any couple who is looking to give their guests a refined and unique experience. There are venues to fit every taste and the most hospitable locals to assist with all your needs to make sure your big day is unforgettable!", said Rasha Badran, Founder of The Purple Chair. 

For more information contact Switzerland Tourism

Photo credits: Meltem Salb

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