Egyptian Celebrity Makeup Looks

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Egyptian Celebrity Makeup Looks

Since every bride's main concern is her bridal look,  we will help you get the look you always dreamed of, from the wedding dress to choosing the best bridal makeup.

We previously shared ideas for some beautiful makeup looks by Lebanese celebrities, check out the best bridal makeup inspired by Lebanese stars!

For more ideas and inspiration, we had to share with you more celebrity makeup looks, especially by famous Egyptian celebrities, as many Egyptian beauties have become very popular on social media for their unique makeup looks.

Take a look at these beautiful celebrity makeup looks and get inspired:

Nelly Karim

Egyptian actress, fashion model, and ballerina, Nelly Karim is known for her natural makeup and simple hairdos. Nelly Karim has so many amazing series that took the Arab world by storm.

Sherine Abdelwahab

Egyptian singer Sherine Abdel Wahab is known for her simple makeup and hairdos, her signature look is short brown hair and simple makeup, which is perfect for the simple and feminine bride.

Sherine Abdel Wahab loves to look feminine and feel like a princess, she rarely chooses a bold or wild look.


Egyptian singer Angham is known for her love of everything classic and timeless.

Angham, who is also a record producer and an actress, loves wearing smokey eye makeup that is bold yet very natural. Angham always chooses earthy warm hues and shades that complement her complexion.

Yasmine Sabri

Egyptian actress Yasmine Sabri has become one of the most popular Arab actresses in Egypt, the Gulf, and the Middle East. Yasmine Sabri is known for her big black eyes, dark eyebrows, and full lips.

We mostly see her in black eyeliner and earthy tones for her makeup looks, but she also loves a bright red lipstick for that elegant yet bold look.


Yousra is known for her beauty and charm, she never fails to choose the right makeup and hairstyle that suit her style and age.

Mona Zaki

Actress Mona Zaki has always had all eyes on her no matter how she looked, Mona Zaki always chooses feminine and simple looks that emphasize her femininity. She also knows exactly what colors and shades suit her skin tone.

Riham Hagag

Riham Hagag is blessed with beautiful features that she emphasizes with unique and amazing makeup techniques. She chooses simple and feminine looks but is not afraid to go for bold and trendy looks as well.

Hannah El Zahed

Hannah El Zahed is famous for her blue eyes and blonde hair, which makes her stand out from the crowd. So if you are a bride-to-be with blonde hair and light-colored eyes, get your makeup and hair inspiration from Hannah El Zahed.

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