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Lebanese Celebrity Bridal Beauty Inspiration

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Lebanese Celebrity Bridal Beauty Inspiration

When choosing your wedding makeup always choose a style and colors that look good on you and of course your makeup artist can help you with that.

To make sure you look perfect on your big day, choose colors that you usually wear and keep your makeup natural, even if you want a more glamorous look make sure it emphasizes your beauty and doesn't cover it.

The first thing you should do is look for some inspiration for your bridal makeup, and brides to be are always looking at their favorite celebrities for some fashion, hair, and makeup ideas.

Take a look at these beautiful makeup looks by your favorite celebrity.

Nadine NjeimNadine Njeim 1Nadine Njeim 2Nadine Njeim 3

Nadine Nassib Njeim

Nadine Njeim was elected Miss Lebanon back in 2004 and participated in Miss World 2007 where she landed in 5th place.

Nadine Njeim turned into acting after passing on her title as Miss Lebanon.

She has been successful in taking over the Ramadan TV series, you will find that all of her latest series have been huge hits in the Middle East.

Nadine wore stunning wedding dresses in her series, from international fashion designers such as Zuhair Murad, Aden Fashion, Maison Lesley.

Myriam FaresMyriam Fares1Myriam Fares2

Myriam Fares

Myriam Fares is known for her bold and unique looks, she always comes up with new ways and trends when it comes to her makeup.

Carole SamahaCarole Samaha 1Carole Samaha 2Carole Samaha 3

Carole Samaha

Lebanese diva Carole Samaha is one of the most loved singers and actresses in the Middle East.

Carole Samaha is also one of the most famous beauty icons in the region, she always chooses simple and elegant hairdos that suit her face, as well as neutral shades for her makeup that suit her skin tone.

YaraYara 1Yara 2


Lebanese star Yara has a beautiful romantic song title "Beit Habibi" produced by Jad Shweiri.

The star wore a stunning bridal gown designed by The House of Basil Soda.

Yara also chose a simple and natural makeup look done by Fady Kataya, and an elegant simple updo done by Yehya Zakariya.

Makeup artist Fady Kataya explained that Yara's face is very easy to work with and that she can pull off any makeup style.

As for her music video "Sah Ebtadayna" Yara chose makeup artist Nadera Al Shab from Fady Kataya beauty salon, and she chose a different makeup look from her look in the first music video. Yara opted for a more dramatic look with smokey eye makeup.

Nancy AjramNancy Ajram 1

Nancy Ajram

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram is known for her simple and natural makeup, she even goes for a minimal makeup look sometimes, and she always chooses neutral and earthy tones that compliment her complexion.



Elissa is known to love a more glamorous look, but she always focuses on her eyes and tries to emphasize them with black eyeliner and thick long lashes, she plays down her dramatic eye makeup with nude or neutral colored lips.

Nawal El ZoghbiNawal El Zoghbi 1Nawal El Zoghbi 2

Nawal El Zoghbi

Lebanese singer Nawal El Zoghbi never fails to impress her fans with her latest looks! Nawal El Zoghbi is truly a diva who knows what hairstyles and makeup suits her best.

We have seen her go from blonde to brunette and vice versa, but we must admit her hairstyles are always perfect and trendy.

Nawal El Zoghbi is also known to love earthy tone shades when it comes to her makeup look, if she wants to add some extra glamour, the diva will usually use some metallic and sparkly shades to match her smoky eye makeup

Cyrine AbdelnourCyrine Abdelnour 1Cyrine Abdelnour 2

Cyrine Abdelnour

Cyrine Abdelnour has become one of the most popular and beautiful celebrities in the Middle East, women are always looking up to her when it comes to fashion, style, hair and makeup.

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