Yasmin Sabri Makeup Looks We Love

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Yasmin Sabri Makeup Looks We Love

Egyptian actress Yasmin Sabri has been taking the Arab world by storm, with over 9.9 million followers on her Instagram account, Yasmin Sabri has become a role model in beauty, health, and fashion to many. You can check out some summer fashion inspiration for your honeymoon by Yasmin Sabri right here!

Yasmin Sabri is known for her Arabian features, with big wide eyes, dark eyebrows, and full lips, she loves to wear strong and dramatic makeup and black eyeliner but she also can pull off a soft and minimal makeup look.

But you will mostly see her in earth tones and neutral colors, she will rarely choose colors that are not earth tones. As for her lipstick colors, she always goes for nude colors but she also likes to wear red lipstick for a more glamorous makeup look.

Yasmin Sabri has recently announced her engagement to Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abou Hashima. Take a look at these makeup looks by Yasmin Sabri.