Bridal Hair and Makeup Inspiration: Nesreen Tafesh

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Bridal Hair and Makeup Inspiration: Nesreen Tafesh

Whether it is for your wedding day or any other event you should always get hair and makeup inspiration, and one way to do so is by following your favorite celebrities.

Syrian actress Nesreen Tafesh has become one of the top celebrity actresses in the Arab World.  She is known for her roles in TV series Sabaya, Banat Al Aileh, and Jalsat Nisa’eya.

The actress loves her Arabic heritage and loves to emphasize her beauty, we see her in makeup with earthy tones and black eyeliner to emphasize the beauty of her eyes.

If you are looking for some beauty inspiration for your next event we bring you her latest beauty looks.

So here are a few makeup and hair looks for your bridal look inspired by Nesreen Tafesh.