Makeup Looks Inspired by Hijab Influencers

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Makeup Looks Inspired by Hijab Influencers

Many beautiful Arab ladies have become influencers and popular on social media channels, influencers with different styles and backgrounds, and especially influencers who wear hijab have become huge influencers when it comes to fashion and beauty.

If you are a bride to be who wears a hijab, and looking for some beautiful makeup ideas to suit your modest look, these lovely influencers and bloggers are the best source for inspiration.

Wearing a hijab doesn't mean you should hide your beauty, or not follow the latest makeup and beauty trends out there, take a look at some beautiful makeup looks by Arab makeup artists here!

Take a look at these stunning makeup looks right here.

Nura AfiaNura Afia 1Nura Afia 2Nura Afia 3

Nura Afira

Nura Afia has not only become a YouTube sensation, but she is now the Brand Ambassador for CoverGirl!

Nura Afia is a talented Muslim makeup artist, her father is Moroccan while her mom is Swiss-Lebanese.

The beauty Vlogger is known for her great makeup tutorials, and the fact that she wears Hijab has made many Muslim girls relate to her and follow her YouTube channel and Instagram account @nuralailalov.

Nura Afia is a great inspiration for many Arab and Muslim women, this is why we chose some of her best makeup looks to give you some inspiration, here they are: 

Dalal AldoubDalal Aldoub 1Dalal Aldoub 2Dalal Aldoub 3

Dalal Aldoub

Arab women are always looking for the latest fashion trends and inspiration for their next look.

Dalal Al Doub, a Kuwaiti fashion and beauty blogger is one of the most popular female bloggers in the Middle East.

With over 2.7 million followers on her Instagram account @dalalid, Dalal Al Doub has become a fashion role model and beauty sensation!

Dalal Al Doub started her blog in 2012 and has become one of the most influential bloggers in Kuwait. 

Dalal is always looking for new ways to empower women, give them confidence, and encourage them to have their own style.

Mariam MohammadMariam Mohammad 1Mariam Mohammad 2Mariam Mohammad 3

Mariam Mohammad

Kuwaiti blogger Mariam Mohammad is also known as Mrmr has over 2 million followers on her Instagram account. Mariam loves to share her latest beauty and makeup products as well as her fashion and makeup looks with her followers and fans, which are also include some bold makeup and colorful makeup looks.

Sondos Al QattanSondos Al Qattan 1Sondos Al Qattan 2Sondos Al Qattan 3

Sondos Al Qattan

Sondos Alqattan is a Kuwaiti makeup artist, beauty expert, and social media influencer. Sondos has over 2.6 million followers on her Instagram account @sondos_aq.

Sondos is keen to provide her followers with tips on the formulations that she uses and her aesthetic advice and constantly answers questions by her followers through her various accounts on social media.

The beauty specialist and makeup artist also shares her daily makeup and beauty routine and offers valuable advice on the many and varied makeup techniques and methods.

Her long experience gave her a unique sense of coordinating makeup colors to come out with enchanting beauty looks that are admired by many. 

This Kuwaiti beauty loves to create unique and modern looks that suit the Arab female. She usually finalizes her eye makeup with black eyeliner loved by an Arab bride.

Another look Sondos Alqattan likes is the Arabian inspired smokey look but with a modern touch. 

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