An Equestrian Wedding Theme

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An Equestrian Wedding Theme

If you love horses then why not include them in your wedding or have an equestrian wedding theme? People who love horse riding tend to love sports and organization, they also love freedom and are usually more relaxed and quiet. 

So if you or your groom love horses then include some little details at your wedding to show your love for them.

This theme can be done in any season but it is best for summer or spring weddings that take place outdoors, check out: Outdoor Wedding Decorations You Will Love.

An equestrian wedding theme can also be combined with a rustic wedding theme because they go together perfectly.

Arabian horses are considered to be the most beautiful horses in the world, and they would look beautiful in your wedding pictures.

For a fun wedding photoshoot how about you and your groom wear some cool horse riding boots?

Decorate your wedding chairs with prize ribbons like the ones given at horse races. And did you know that horseshoes are believed to bring luck for those who carry them? So why not include them in your wedding decorations or wedding favors?


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