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Fantastic Ideas for Wedding DIY Craft Projects

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Fantastic Ideas for Wedding DIY Craft Projects

Weddings are the most celebrated occasion of all time. It is considered to be the most special day of two people who promise to commit themselves to love each other through good times and bad times. That is why planning a wedding comes with a lot of effort and with a price as well. Planning a wedding can be tedious and tiresome. You have to carefully oversee that not a single detail is left behind. You must be very detail-oriented in order not to miss important things for the event. 

A beautiful wedding does not have to mean breaking the bank just to make it look good and grand. You just need some basic sewing and knitting skills. It’s time for you to get those hands working for your big day. You can get those materials at Haberdashery projects, they have different kinds of threads, buttons, zippers, and other art materials. You can choose different sizes and colors to help you customize your wedding crafts. So, how do you make these crafty things? You don’t have to worry about this, in this article, we will teach you some fabulous wedding craft ideas that you can recreate. It’s time to unleash your creative side and enjoy these DIY (do it yourself) Crafts. 

DIY-ing is an economical way to save costs on decorations and use that money for more important things in your wedding essentials. But doing all of these crafts may create a stigma that you cannot do it, and it will just make you a haggard person. You do not have to think about that, even children can do these crafts. You just need extra hands in doing these things, and as you go along with making these DIY, you’ll enjoy, and you’ll have fun doing these together with the people who are willing to help you. Wedding DIY Craft Projects are more relevant if you really want to have a personal touch on your wedding decorations. 

Even if you’re not artistic by heart, but with the help of the internet, you can visualize and make these. You might want to research more about how to do these DIY things and plan ahead so you will have enough time for the test trial period if the DIY looks good on the theme, and also you will have enough to think about the designs and decorations. 

Here is the list of wedding DIY craft projects that you could do for your wedding:

DIY Mini-Card Album

You can use this mini-card album for your wedding documentation purposes or even for your wedding invitation cards, or even for your wedding vows notebook. You just need some glitter, felt, cards and paper, and some ribbons into it and even paint it. With the right materials, you can explore more of your creativity and uniqueness in creating your own wedding decorations and ornaments.


DIY Couple Burlap Banner

You don’t have to spend money on buying a ready-made burlap banner, you can just personalize your burlap banner that is in relation to your wedding theme. If you decide to go to a rustic themed wedding, for example, you can use a lot of brownish materials or simply add the countryside vibe. You can even use whatever resources that you have to make it more vintage looking, the classic old but elegant vibe.

Check out this beautiful rustic themed weddings for some inspiration: A Boho Rustic Summer Wedding in Lebanon

Customized Bride and Groom Glasses

Instead of just using plain transparent glass, you can add some accents to your couple’s drinking glass. You can embellish some beads and ribbons into it depending on your creativity and imagination.

DIY Flower Vases

You can use some empty bottles for this. You just have to clean it and put some glitters on the outside, and a little painting will do. You will now have perfect looking centerpieces on top of your dining table at the wedding reception. Just make sure that the flower vases you make must conform to the theme and your personality as a couple. And of course, you can put the flower origami that you have for the vase.

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Fairy Light Jar

Lighting decorations added more glamour to any wedding. Lighting creates a cinematic ambiance, and it does not have to be expensive. There are many fairy light jar ideas that you can choose to make. You just have to make sure also that the light jar is working and place it in an area where it can be seen as it serves its purpose to light up the wedding reception.

Vintage Wood Wedding Signs

Wedding signs are perfect for providing directions and also for photobooth purposes. You can utilize some scrap wood cuttings and paint it. You just need to organize the pieces that would make it more appealing to the eyes and not a sore sight. 

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DIY Faux Flower

Real flowers are beautiful, but it can be expensive, and the durability may vary especially if there were sudden weather changes on the wedding day. To make sure that you still have the gorgeous flower for you and the bridesmaids, you can opt for a faux paper flower. You may need some crepe paper a little coloring on it to make it more real looking and beautiful.

Dress Up Basic Chairs

You can put some art into your chairs. Look for nature for inspiration on how you can add some art to it. You may want to use some dried flowers and leaves to give extra color.

DIY Ring Pillowcase

Adding a personal touch to the ring pillowcase gives it a more romantic and exclusive feeling for both couples. You can make some embroidery with your names on it to make it more personal.

Personalized Aisle Runner

Instead of using the conventional red carpet for your aisle runner, you can actually personalize your aisle runner. You can use some off-white-colored fabric, lettering skills to put both of your names as a couple, and you can print pictures as well to place in your aisle runner. You just need to make sure that you enough length for your aisle runner. 

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