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Steal His Style

We have recently published the article “Steal His Beauty Products” But this time we’re not helping you steal his beauty products, but rather his whole style.

Here is the best menswear women can pull off and still look stylish as well.

The Blazer: Blazers are great to wear for a casual outing or a formal event; they simply give your look a boost.

Bowties: We’re seeing more and more females wearing bowties as an accessory and they look pretty cute.

The Tuxedo Jacket: You can wear a tuxedo jacket almost to any formal event, with high heels and makeup a tuxedo jacket will make you look very elegant.

Men’s watches: Wearing a men’s classic watch can look very stylish if you can pull off a chunky watch.

Shirt: Wearing men’s shirts can be very stylish, pair a men’s shirt with tights,jeans or a pencil skirt.You can either tie it to make it shorter, add a belt or leave it as it is.