Get Inspired By These Stunning Kosha Ideas

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Get Inspired By These Stunning Kosha Ideas

In many Arabic countries, especially the Gulf region, the kosha, where the bride and groom are seated during the wedding reception or dinner, is one of the most important elements of the wedding as the kosha is usually placed in front of  the dancefloor, in the center of the wedding venue for everyone to see.

The wedding kosha is usually placed on a raised platform that is also decorated to compliment the kosha design; in some cases the stage occupies the full width of the ballroom, depending on how fancy and luxurious the wedding is.

This is why many Arab brides pay a lot of attention to their wedding kosha designs, and wedding planners compete and do whatever it takes to create dreamy and magical kosha designs for every wedding. Each year we see hundreds of outstanding kosha designs at beautiful weddings, and it is amazing how the ideas and creativity is never ending.

At most weddings in the Gulf the fancier, more elegant, and on trend the kosha is the better, sometimes the kosha stage or area consumes a good portion of the overall wedding budget. 

 Brides pay a close attention to the details of their wedding kosha, after all it is where they, as a newly married couple, will be seen the most, and where most of the pictures of the newly weds will be taken.

Remember that your kosha design should go along with your overall wedding theme and decor, it should also represent your personality and style. So carefully select the color of the couch, the type and color of the flowers, the backdrop behind the seating and the raised stage.

Also make sure your kosha is comfortable for you to be seated for long hours, as many brides in the gulf region stay seated during their weddings, so no matter how beautiful your wedding kosha design is, you need to make sure you can sit there for a few hours comfortably.

Your wedding kosha can be anything you want, you can get creative with the seating, such as couches, arm chairs, and benches, you can choose a unique backdrop designed to go with your wedding theme, you can choose unique materials other than flowers and greenery, it all depends on the theme and style of your weddin.

Your wedding planner will help create your dream kosha, and lucky for you, the Middle East has some of the most talented wedding planners in the world. Arab wedding planners all over the Middle East are creating the most unique kosha designs, and bringing new ideas to the traditional kosha design.

If you are a bride who wants a one of a kind kosha design for her wedding, then you must look for inspiration and ideas here, on Arabia Weddings, so to help you out, we have brought you some beautiful wedding kosha designs to get some inspiration for your own wedding.

From classic and elegant to over the top and luxurious, to minimal and modern, here are some beautiful wedding kosha ideas for you to check out.