Gorgeous Bridal Hairstyles For The Bride of 2020

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Gorgeous Bridal Hairstyles For The Bride of 2020

If you are a bride-to-be then who's getting married in 2020, then you must check out the latest 2020 bridal hairstyles to select the look that suits you best. 

We are noticing all sorts of bridal hairstyles for the bride of 2020, so we decided to share them with you to ease the process.

Take a look at the beautiful bridal hairstyles in the images below that will be trending in 2020. Whether you have long hair, short hair, or curly hair you will find a hairstyle that suits your bridal look.

Get ready to be inspired!

Sleek and Center Part Hair

Sleek and Center Part Hair

Straight hair will definitely be a big hit in 2020! While loose waves are always a fabulous choice, sleek and straight hair parted down the center will be taking over.

short bridal hair

Short and Textured Hair

2019 was definitely the kick off for short hair looks even for brides, but in 2020 brides are becoming more daring and more brides are opting for a short textured hair cut before the big day.

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bridal turban

Bridal Turbans

This is a 2020 bridal hair trend we love not only for the bold brides out there but also for the modest brides who wear hijab or want a modest look on their big day.

These turbans also take us back to the 1920s and this adds a super romantic and vintage touch to your bridal look.

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Paded Headbands

Paded Headbands

Bride or not, padded headbands are trending all over Instagram and Pinterest, these beautiful accessories are making a huge comeback, add the 1990s feel to your bridal look but in a very trendy and modern way with a padded and beaded headband.

floral hair


Whether you want your hair in a classic updo or romantic curls, flowers are the top 2020 hair accessories! Whether it's a floral crown or a simple flower, flowers are taking over 2020. We've spotted many fashion designers who chose to have their models' hair decorated with flowers for their 2020 runway fashion shows, such as Marchesa, Watters, Anne Barge, and Alejandra Resta.

We will see a lot of oversized floral crowns and individual blossoms decorate brides' hairstyles.

What we love about this trend is that it even works for the modest brides who wear hijab, take a look here!

Pearl Headbands

Pearl Headbands

Pearls are known to be the perfect accessory for brides, this is why in 2020 we are taking pearls to a new level with jeweled headbands embellished with pearls.

Crown Braid

Crown Braids

As we mentioned before bridal hairstyles in 2020 are very feminine! And crown braids are definitely feminine, romantic, and somehow a bit bold! They add a whimsical touch to any bridal look, we spotted many models on the runways wearing braided crowns and we are in love with this hairstyle trend.

Ribbons and bows

Ribbons and Bows

Adorably sweet ribbons will add a feminine touch to your bridal hairstyle, ponytails decorated with a dainty bow or a delicate ribbon are definitely becoming popular.

Bridal hairstyles in 2020 are very feminine, featuring big bows and hairstyles tied back with both silky and velvet ribbons. 

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