The Groom’s Ultimate Wedding Checklist

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The Groom’s Ultimate Wedding Checklist

If you think that wedding checklist are only for brides, you are completely wrong.

Now that grooms are getting more involved in wedding planning, they need a checklist too!

Here is your 12-month countdown checklist:

9 - 12 Months Before:         

  • Assign a budget for the wedding with estimates of expenses for each category.             
  • Location: Start looking for your wedding venue and set a state for the wedding.             
  • The DJ and Wedding Planner (if needed): Decide with your bride on which DJ and wedding planner you want for your wedding and book them.  

6 Months Before:                

  • The Honeymoon: Start planning your honeymoon budget and destinations.                
  • Guest List: Start writing down a list of your friends and colleagues who you want to invite to your big day.                
  • Transportation: Look for and book your wedding car.                

3 Months Before:                

  • Finalize the Guest List.                
  • Gift Registry: Have fun with your bride and start picking the items you want to get as gifts.                
  • Apply for a visa for a honeymoon destination and make sure your passports are valid till then.                
  • Pick Your Suit: It’s time to pick your suit or tux, your cufflinks, shoes, and accessories.            
  • Doctor’s Appointment:  Make sure you and your bride go through a health checkup and blood tests assigned by your doctor.                

8 Weeks Before:                

  • Visit the Dentist: Make sure you have a great smile on your wedding day, pay a visit to your dentist for cleaning and whitening.                
  • A Wedding Gift: Buy your bride a wedding gift, whether it’s expensive or sentimental she will love it.                

2 Weeks Before:                

  • Go on a Date: You and your bride were busy with the wedding planning all year, it's time you take a break and enjoy each other’s company, remind each other why you are getting married.                
  • Make accommodation arrangements for your wedding night.               
  • Your Bachelor Party: It’s time you and your guy friends enjoy the last few days before you get married.                

1 Week  Before:                 

  • Finalize all payments: Make sure to have all down payments paid and all other payments ready by the due date.                 
  • Packing:  Finish your last-minute packing for your new house and your honeymoon suitcase.                
  • Double-check: and we mean double check on everything! The honeymoon reservations, the venue, the wedding planner, caterer, DJ, your gift registry, and all the details.                
  • Make arrangements on who is going to accompany you to the bride's house.             
  • Get a haircut.                

1 Day Before:                

  • Impress Her: Your bride is probably more nervous than you are, so make her feel better by leaving her a love note or flowers to remind her how much you love her.                
  • Exchange currency to your honeymoon.                

The day of:                 

  • Have a healthy filling breakfast.                
  • Shave.                 
  • Pack your bag for the overnight stay.                 
  • Don't forget your passport, ticket and mobile charger.
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