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Hollywood-Inspired Wedding Theme to Dazzle

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Hollywood-Inspired Wedding Theme to Dazzle

Feel like a star on your wedding day and plan a Hollywood wedding theme. A Hollywood wedding theme is all about elegance and glamour. Think of using colors such as black and white with a touch of pink or red. Gold and silver are also a very nice choice.

You can get some inspiration for your wedding decor from some of Hollywood's top movies, check out: "Get Inspired By The Great Gatsby".

There are so many ideas to include glamorous Hollywood touches at your wedding, for example, have several photographers flashing lights and taking photos of your guests as they are getting out of their cars and also as they are arriving at the hall. Or have couples take posed photographs just before entering the hall against a big backdrop that has "Wedding of Mr. & Mrs. ...” printed on it. Send your guests these photos with a thank you note.

You can also set a "Wall of Fame" for your wedding guests to look for their names, and for a fun touch, you can present your wedding guests with mini Oscar Awards as wedding favors.

Here are some more ideas for you to check out.

Hollywood Wedding ThemeHollywood Wedding Theme 1Hollywood Wedding Theme 2Hollywood Wedding Theme 3Hollywood Wedding Theme 4Hollywood Wedding Theme 5Hollywood Wedding Theme 7حفل زفاف بثيم Hollywood Wedding Theme 8Hollywood Wedding Theme 9Hollywood Wedding Theme 10Hollywood Wedding Theme 11Hollywood Wedding Theme 12

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