How to Choose Color Motif for Your Bridal Entourage

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How to Choose Color Motif for Your Bridal Entourage

A wedding is a once in a lifetime event. Because of that, you’d want everything detail to be perfect. This includes the color motif of your bridal entourage. Your bridal entourage are your closest friends and family members who will form your bridal party and stay around you during your special day. 

It makes such a big difference, especially to your wedding photos, if your bridal party is dressed in the same color or at least coordinated in different tones and shades of the same color scheme.

With all the colors out there, it can be confusing and difficult to choose the right one. So, here are just some tips and guidance on how to choose a color motif for your bridal entourage.

1. Choose Based on the Meaning of the Color

If you want to go down the traditional route, every color actually has its own meaning and significance. Hence, you can choose your color motif for your bridal entrance according to the meaning of a color based on the different historical, spiritual, biological, and cultural elements it stands for.

Here are just some of the common colors and their meaning to give you some choices:

  • Blue: The color blue reminds people of the ocean and the sky. This color represents peace and serenity. If you want people to have a lighter mood, then choosing blue as your bridal entourage’s color motif will put your guests into a more dreamy and peaceful mood. This color is particularly great for beach weddings as well.
  • Green: The color green is a resemblance to nature. So, at a wedding, it symbolizes growth, balance, and fertility. The shades of green are also very soothing.
  • Red: Red is one of the boldest colors as it represents power, passion, adventure, and it exudes confidence. In Asian culture, red usually symbolizes good luck. For brides who want fortune in their marriage, they usually pick red as a color motif for their bridal entourage.
  • Purple: Shades of purple, such as lavender, represents enchantment, imagination, luxury, and imagination. Also, purple is associated with the color of royalty. Adding some purple into your color motif can give off the theme of grandeur.

These are just the meaning of some of the common colors. If you want to base your color motif on the meaning that colors carry, you can do more research on other colors so that you can make an informed decision. Frox of Falkirk has a foray of timeless sophisticated dresses fit for any color motif that you choose.

Image: A Love Maze Wedding in Lebanon by Strawberries and Champagne

2. Limit the Colors You Choose

When choosing and planning a color scheme for your bridal bridesmaids and bridal entourage, you should keep in mind to limit the colors to only 2 or 3. Usually, you have to decide on a primary color and combine it with either a monochromatic or complementary color. There’s a certain art and practice when it comes to color combinations.

Here are more details on monochromatic and complementary colors:

  • Complementary colors: These types of colors are the opposite color of your primary color. For instance, the complementary color pairs are the following: Blue to orange, red to green, and yellow to purple. The more contrast you create, the more you make the colors stand out and blend well with each other.


  • Monochromatic colors: On the other hand, choosing a monochromatic color scheme, entails having a single-color motif but in multiple shades. To illustrate, if you choose red, then a monochromatic color motif scheme would be shades such as blush, fuchsia, or pink.

Image: Take a look at The Beautiful Van Gogh's Lucid Dreams Wedding Photoshoot

3. Avoid Trends and Fads

When choosing a color motif for your bridal entourage during your wedding planning, don’t choose it just because everyone is doing it. With Instagram and Pinterest, it’s so easy to get carried away by what everyone is doing at their weddings. Just because it’s all you see doesn’t mean you should follow it. It’s better to come up with something unexpected or a color that’s close to your heart.

Don’t force a color that isn’t you. Remember that the color motif you choose will be worn by all your bridesmaids and will fill your wedding albums until the end of days. Think about the colors that make you happy instead of just following a fad that’ll just lose its luster in the sands of time.

Get inspiration from your everyday life. You can even start picking your favorite color instead. In the end, the most important thing is to do what feels right to you. After all, it’s your wedding day, and it only happens once in a lifetime.

Image: Miriam and Izaldin's Wedding in Istanbul


Whether it’s your favorite color or you want to add some meaning into the color motif, this guide can help you pick the color to make a personal significance on your wedding day. Bridal entourage color motifs will truly make an impact on how people will remember your wedding.

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