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How to Easily Travel With Your Wedding Dress

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How to Easily Travel With Your Wedding Dress

So you’re one lucky bride who is having a destination wedding and you’re all set to go? But what about your wedding dress? Have you thought about that?

Taking your wedding dress from the shop to your home is not an easy task, so we can only imagine what traveling with your wedding dress is going to be like!

Don’t worry, we have tons of tips and ideas to help your wedding process go as smoothly as possible. For everything bridal fashion-related click here!

The main fear of brides who travel with their wedding dresses is for it to get ruined, or even worse, get lost! With a lot of airport chaos and airline delays around the world, this could be a nightmare for many brides travelling with their wedding gowns. 

So here are the best tips that will help you, and your dress, reach your wedding destination safely:


Wedding dress packaging

The Right Packaging

Putting your dress in a pretty box with handles will help you carry it safely without damaging it. Also, make sure that the box fits the dimensions allowed in the overhead compartment of the airline. You can check that online. 

Garment bags are a must to make sure your wedding dress is safe from any mishaps or accidents.

Make sure you wrap your dress with acid-free tissue paper. Add tissues inside the folds of the wedding dress too so it won’t crease.

Ask your wedding dress designer for the best way of packing your dress and how to take care of it. They may have some additional useful tips. 

Wedding Dress Packaging

Don't Ship Your Wedding Dress

Don't check in your wedding dress or anything related to your bridal look. Have all your wedding day items in a carry-on, in case your luggage doesn't arrive on time or gets lost. Again, check online for the dimensions allowed for the carry-ons. 

Contact Airport

Contact The Airport

Call your airport and inform them that you will be traveling with a wedding dress, to make your security check-in easier and ask for extra carry-on allowance in advance.

Notify gate personnel and crew that you would prefer to board early to make sure you can place your wedding dress in a good storage space without any hassle.


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