How to Make Your Husband Get Along with Your Parents

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How to Make Your Husband Get Along with Your Parents

One of the difficult things to get used to once you’re married is your new found relationship with your in-laws.

The same applies to your husband, as he might not be having an easy time getting along with your parents. But here is how you can help him out:

  • Tell Him Their Compliments: If your parents compliment your husband behind his back, make sure you tell him what they said. However, if they have nothing to say, or worse yet, any negative comments, don’t bring them up.
  • Make Him Visit: Both of you should visit your in-laws at least once a week to get closer to them.
  • Make Your Own Decisions: Don’t ask your parents to interfere in every detail of your lives, your husband might get annoyed with that and feel as if he’s your last option. Keep yours and your husband’s secrets to yourself and don’t share them with the in-laws.
  • Don’t Fight In front of Them: No matter how much you disagree or how frustrated you might sometimes be with your partner, don’t fight in front of your parents.