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How to Organize a Wedding in Dubai

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How to Organize a Wedding in Dubai

When the very long-awaited moment for many couples comes - a marriage proposal, the newlyweds are on cloud nine. After the euphoria, it is time to organize the wedding event. Many couples want to make this day unforgettable.

The first thing the newlyweds think about is the unique place where the holiday will be held. If you want to surprise all guests, and not be sad about bad weather conditions, then by all means choose Dubai.

Here, each part of the celebration will turn into a memorable tale. Azure ocean, warm rays of the sun, unimaginable nature, and architecture of the future - that's what you need to create your fairy tale.

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Dubai Wedding

Why Dubai is Ideal?

The place of the wedding may not be just a standard wedding hall. You can arrange an onsite marriage registration anywhere you wish. Ocean shore, yacht, hotel or restaurant terrace, and even desert. Done. Check this out: Top 20 Wedding Venues in Dubai.

A large number of places to celebrate will allow you to choose the scenario that truly suits you. Each place will offer you tons of options to celebrate. In such places, your guests will certainly not get bored.

It may seem like you need to be a millionaire to organize a wedding in Dubai, but this is not the case.


Wedding Planning

Organizational Moments

  1. First, select the date of the celebration. If you want your celebration to take place in a comfortable environment, then you should definitely plan your wedding from October to May. During this timeframe, rains are rare and the heat is not so unbearable.
  2. Since you are planning to organize a wedding in another country, then it is worth starting to organize it 6 months in advance in order to draw up the necessary documents, buy plane tickets, and book accommodation.
  3. It is necessary to find a wedding planner directly in Dubai who will supervise all the issues there so that you do not need to be nervous for no reason.
  4. If you have a limited budget, it is worth holding the wedding ceremony in your home country, and you can already celebrate in Dubai, where your close relatives and friends will be next to you.

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Choosing a Venue for Your Celebration

Shore of the bay: What could be more romantic than a celebration on the shore with a stunning view of the bay and a delightful sunset? The golden coastline with tall palm trees will create a unique atmosphere. Check out: Top Beach Wedding Venues in Dubai!


The desert: If you want your wedding to be remembered by you and your guests for a long time, then choosing the desert as a venue would be a great option. The correct organization of the celebration in the dunes, the choice of comfortable furniture, and related products will guarantee you a chic vacation and an experience of a lifetime. Check out: The Top Desert Wedding Venues in The UAE.

Onboard the yacht: In order not to catch sunstroke under the scorching sun, you can choose to hold a wedding on a yacht. Romance from the sound of waves and a refreshing wind is guaranteed. In addition to the non-standard venue for the holiday, you and your guests will get the opportunity to see the sights of this emirate. Check out: Yacht Rental for Parties and Weddings in Dubai.

Hotel terrace: If you do not want to spend a lot of time organizing a celebration in an unusual place, then opt for the hotel terrace, where you will be provided with the best hotel furniture in Dubai and you will not need to think about renting furnishings. The main thing is to think about decorating the terrace. This option will be much easier to organize, but the experience will not be worse.


How Much Will a Wedding Celebration in Dubai Cost?

As strange as it may seem, celebrating a wedding outside of your home country can be much more budgetary. You do not need to think about how and where to invite hundreds of guests, how to seat everyone correctly so that there are no conflicts. Moreover, the price for the restaurant menu will be much lower, since only the people dearest to you will be there.

If you do not think about how your wedding would pay off, and the main thing for you is sincere emotions, a feeling of happiness, and a genuine smile, then this is definitely your option.

A standard, no-frills celebration in Dubai will cost $1,600. This includes a classic ceremony and a traditional set of services. If you dream of something unique, then it is worthwhile to plan in advance the waste on the necessary things.

The cost of the Arab ceremony will range from $1,800 to $2,000.

If you want to celebrate this event outside the box on a yacht or in the desert, then you need $3000.

If you want to celebrate on the shore of the bay, then the cost of such a wedding starts from $3000.

Do not forget that you may need to make savings for various contests for your family and friends, fireworks, photography, and video filming. Such moments should be discussed in advance with a wedding planner. You can bring a photographer and videographer or you can hire them here. Click here to see the top wedding photographers in Dubai!

The approximate cost of the celebration does not include visas, round-trip tickets, and foreign passports.

A wedding in Dubai can be the most memorable moment of your life. Here you can make your wildest dreams come true against the backdrop of golden sands, picturesque nature, and an ocean of incredible beauty.

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