How to Organize a Wedding That Will Be The Talk of The Town

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How To Organize a Wedding That Will Be The Talk of The Town

A wedding is a celebration of love between you and your fiancée. That's why you want to make it special. Extraordinary even. You will want to share your love with family and friends during a celebration to remember. 

Everyone knows what happens at a wedding. There are no surprises there. But every wedding can still be unique, just as every couple is. There are ways to create an unforgettable celebration on your special day and get your wedding on the map so that you and your guests will talk about its individuality for years to come. 

Among all the weddings your family and friends have been to, how do you make yours stand out? Let's take a look at some of the ways you can organize a wedding that will be the talk of the town. 

Go For a Unique Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses are the perfect chance to make a wedding stand out. Just ask wedding planner Toronto by, as a wedding planner can help you choose unusual, bold colors instead of traditional white if you want your wedding dress to stand out. Your wedding will have more personality if you wear a punk-style dress and choose a cyber-punk theme that reflects the era of the dress. Your guests will be awestruck by such a pairing.

Peach Wedding Dress

A wedding planner in Toronto will tell you that each shade will compliment the bride's personality, therefore adding something extra to the overall day.  A peach dress will pair lovely with the golden sunshine of an outdoor wedding.

Gray Wedding Dress

From matte finishes to shiny metallics, the options and fabric choices are endless. Get outfit ideas from a Toronto wedding planner. In the meantime, consider a statement look, with a fitted silver wedding dress, long sleeves, and a high neck. Dress your bridesmaids in blue ruffle skirts and be the definition of bridal cool.

Gold Wedding Dress 

Bridal fashion is embracing gold as the next big trend. Considering its symbolism of spiritual energy, success, and wealth, it is no wonder that it is so popular. If there was ever a time to shine bright, it is on your wedding day. Most skin tones are suited to gold's warm hue, adding to its appeal.

Mocha Wedding Dress

A new color trend among contemporary brides and boho wedding dress designers is mocha. Romantic and elegant, it is a color that makes lace dresses appear super dynamic. Turn things around, and pair your mocha wedding dress with white bridesmaid dresses. 

Black Wedding Dress

Every element of black reminds you of sophistication and luxury. Team a high low black wedding dress with biker boots and look effortlessly cool.  

Blue Wedding Dress

What better way to incorporate 'something blue' into your wedding than your dress? This color hints at fine art and fairytale magic. Ranging from cool celeste through to dark academy blue. No one will forget your blue tulle dress at a coastal setting wedding.

Purple Wedding Dress

Major trend-making waves are various shades of deep lavenders and baby purple shades of wedding dresses. For brides who do not want to look too girly, but still want something eye-catching, they offer a slightly more mysterious and intelligent look. 

Image: Seaside Pink Wedding at the Dead Sea

Keep Your Guests Engaged

You must be very close to your family and friends if you can't imagine your wedding without them. Wedding planner Toronto understands this very well;  you'll definitely want them to be blown away when they come to your wedding. 

It may also be super important for you to make memories with them that will last a lifetime.

The best way to treat your guests is to think about how you can make them feel special.

In order to ensure everyone has a good time at your wedding, you may wish to concentrate on things that will make your guests feel truly valued. 

To achieve this, the ceremony could be brief and provide the option for guests to interact with you. Make it fun and personal. Favors can be aesthetic and tailored to the guests, and you can also personally greet each guest to ensure they feel welcomed and comfortable.


Offer a Big Welcome to Out of Town Guests

You may have guests who have traveled from out of town to attend your wedding. Why not give welcome bags to guests staying at hotels to show your appreciation? If you can, pack a few snacks, cans of soda, and bottles of water. Feeling flush? Throw in a miniature bottle of champagne, and some luxury chocolate. 

If they're staying in town for a few days, they may want to know where the best restaurants are. So hook them up with some of your favorite food menus, as well as a guidebook of the local landmarks and places of interest. 

Another great way to utilize the gift bag, and make a statement at the same time is to provide welcome bags for your guests. Hand them out as they arrive. Choose personalized bag designs that are unique to your guests, and finish them off with a unique gift to make them memorable. Something evergreen like a book, a home decor item, or candles.

Get Rid of Convention

Weddings are traditionally formal, from elegant attire to lavish surroundings. When it comes to formalities, everyone feels as if they have to be on their best behavior. Spend some time to try and make yours less formal by establishing a more relaxed tone. 

Put your guests at ease from the beginning by opting for a more relaxed dress code or providing fries instead of lobster.

Try Unconventional Wedding Invitations

Try and get your guests intrigued by sending out some unique wedding invitations. If the first indication of your wedding shows that you're thinking outside of the box, your guests will begin to wonder what's in store for them next. 

Just because no one else has done it, doesn't mean you shouldn't. So, don't be afraid to add a little spice to your invitations. You can reflect something quirky or interesting about yourself and your future spouse with the help of a wedding planner in Toronto. Make them as personalized or as outrageous as possible. 

Remember, the point is to be the talk of the town. And what better way to get people talking than a whiff of what's to come? Here are a few ideas:

  • Flower seed sustainable wedding invitation
  • Multi-watercolor wedding invitation 
  • Acrylic wedding invitation
  • Popup wedding invitation

Try to Personalize All Aspects of Your Wedding

Weddings are occasions for celebration, and this celebration should reflect the two of you. The Toronto wedding planner can help you show your guests snippets of you both throughout the entire wedding, from the food to the location to the interior décor and the itinerary - anything that makes them know this is your wedding, and no one else's. 

A wedding is only one day: the first day of the rest of your married lives together. So while you have the chance, make it stand out by planning a wedding that incorporates exactly who you are.

Greet Each Guest

Sometimes a wedding can seem like it’s over in an hour. The day flies by so quickly, and before you know it, you're on your honeymoon. It may not sound like much, and you may not even have the time to spare, but try and incorporate a "meet and greet" as your guests make their way into the reception. 

It’s important to create an added personal touch in order to make it more memorable. You can make your wedding day extra special by consulting a wedding planner in Toronto. Consider making your way around the tables and chatting amongst your guests, and have fun while doing so. 

Choose a Location Fit for a Queen/King

A wedding location sets the tone for the whole day, so make it as memorable as you can. A wedding planner in Toronto can help you plan your wedding so that your guests leave on a high note.

It can be an outdoor wedding in the sun on the seafront, or a nighttime wedding in the woods adorned with fairy lights. Consider making the location your own with the help of a Toronto wedding planner. With the right ambiance, music, and location, your ceremony will be one to remember.

Wedding Flowers

Flowers play a very important part in the wedding day, hence it's important that you incorporate flowers that indicate something truly special. You can arrange wedding flowers in a variety of ways, according to a wedding planner in Toronto. Custom backdrops, blossoming bouquets, and eccentric centerpieces will be beautiful and impressive. 

Garden variety wedding bouquet. With waxy greenery, peonies, roses, nigella, wild grasses, viburnum berries, and local blooms, this wedding bouquet is sure to make a lasting impression.

Horizontal wedding bouquet. Flowers such as foxglove, dogwood petals, peonies, acacia, and ranunculus can be used in this cascading bouquet. You'll be able to make your bouquet stand out, especially if you tie it with long, draping ribbons. 

Fern wedding bouquet. Elegant umbrella ferns framed by dahlias, colorful garden roses, thistle, and geraniums make for a romantic style. 

Winter wedding bouquet. A wintery alternative to a traditional bouquet is a houndstooth-wrapped bouquet of cedar, wild pine, aspen twigs, fir, and berries.

Untamed wedding bouquet. A large, curling air plant is framed by white zinnias, ferns, chamomile flowers, peonies, and eucalyptus.

Image: A Colorful Wedding in Lebanon

Know the Best Photo Spots

As soon as you have chosen a venue, you should explore the area and find the best spots for your wedding pictures. Taking a walk around and taking advantage of your surroundings will more than likely lead to some memorable moments. 

The most important thing to remember with your photos is to make sure they are creative and unique reminders of your big day. You might want to consider picking out some spots around your hometown that you and your spouse-to-be have visited together.

Pick the Perfect Menu for You

Let’s face it: food plays an important role in most of our celebrations. Weddings are one of them. From the wedding dinner to the cake, it is all about the delicious foods. A Toronto wedding planner knows just how special food is at a wedding. 

Prepare a delicious menu. Make your guests feel welcome with an eclectic drinks range,  scrumptious appetizers, and distinctive cuisine. Guests will definitely be happy when they return home from your party.

Relationship Inspired Menu

Creating a wedding menu based on your relationship is an excellent idea. Consider your favorite evening meal or dessert spots or places you went when you were first dating. Your guests will feel more connected to your love story when you include these personal details on your wedding menu.

Fast food

At your nuptials, you don't need to serve luxurious food. Whether your celebration is casual or elegant, everyone will be enthused to dig in when your favorite fast food appears. It is a special way to personalize your wedding day and set it apart from others. Whether they like it or not, they will definitely be talking about it. 

Family and friends-inspired menu

To end the ceremony, ask the wedding planner in Toronto about personalizing the wedding food with family ties. Invite your friends and family to share their favorite foods with you, then surprise them with them during the day.  

Dessert truck

Consider bringing in a dessert truck instead of the traditional dessert table. Guests will love the idiosyncratic vibe because you don't see it very often at weddings. And who doesn't love dessert? Add churros, gourmet donuts, and ice cream tacos- whatever you desire! 

Cheese station

Served with different snacks, your guests will enjoy a mouthwatering selection of cheeses. Pair them with crunchy crackers, freshly baked bread, mouth-watering fruit, or a handful of nuts. Now that's different.

Your wedding should leave your guests in awe of your special day if you want it to be the talk of the town. A wedding planner in Toronto can help you create unforgettable memories by helping you create unique moments.

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