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How to Pick The Perfect Proposal Ring

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How To Pick The Perfect Proposal Ring

Finding the right moment to pop the question would leave anyone filled to the brim with anxiety. After all, this moment will open a fresh chapter in your life. If that’s not nerve-wracking enough, knowing that whatever happens during your proposal will determine your relationship with the love of your life might do the trick. So, no one can blame you if you want things to go smoothly.

Aside from your heartfelt confession, the ring you’ll give your beloved brings the ‘wow’ factor in your proposal to the next level. Considering some people use it to embody how much they care, choosing the perfect ring is a no-brainer. However, with so many options out there, such as a proposal ring from Diamonds On Richmond and those from other jewelry stores, you might get overwhelmed.

To make your search easier, here are some ways to get you started:

Wedding Ring Budget

Decide on a Budget

As much as you love your partner, splurging on a one-time purchase while you’re tight on cash is extremely unwise. Granted, there’s nothing wrong with spoiling them. In your eyes, they deserve everything good. However, maturity is shown by how efficiently you balance different aspects of your life, particularly your expenses. 

Instead of focusing too much on what you’ll do while popping the question, think of what happens afterward. Are you financially comfortable enough to purchase the ring you’ve chosen?  If not, what are your methods for buying it?  Does the ring have any insurance?  These are only some questions you must ask yourself before buying an engagement ring. Otherwise, you might encounter financial problems.

Wedding Ring

Know Your Partner’s Preferences

What makes something special is the amount of thought poured into it. Considering a wedding proposal's memorable, you must make it a memory worth remembering. Granted, buying an engagement ring with the biggest stone embedded in it is much easier. But, what makes you sure your partner will want to wear it instead of leaving it stashed in its box?

Just like picking a gift, know your better half’s preferences. Are they allergic to any metal?  If not, what kind do you see them wear the most? However, what do you think would fit their aesthetic if they don't have any preferences? 

Pay attention to how they style themselves. See if their wardrobe is bold enough to see them working a diamond ring perfectly, or if they prefer a simple wedding band to match their minimalistic fashion style.

Wedding Ring

Take Vital Factors into Account

Although they’re only worn around a finger, rings have various specificities that make them unique from one another, namely shape, setting, and carat.

The shape of the ring mainly pertains to the stone embedded in the band. How the stone is set is another detail you must clear up since maximizing its appeal depends on it. Meanwhile, the carat indicates the stone’s size and weight, which heavily influences the ring’s costs.

While some couples prefer getting the whole grand package, doing so won’t be ideal for those following a budget. Instead of choosing an enormous stone while sacrificing its clarity, finding the perfect balance among all the essential aspects is better. Check on less-common features if you want to save cash. However, if all you want is a plain wedding band with nothing on it, none are applicable.

Wedding Ring Tips

Shop Smart

Buying a proposal ring is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Because not only are you giving a ring to your life partner, but its price tag is also no joke. Be careful when shopping for one or any type of jewelry in general.

See if the store has a good reputation by reading reviews online left by previous customers. You may also ask those that have bought rings embedded with stones if you can check their certifications. The stone is authentic as long as it’s produced by an accredited laboratory (such as the American Gem Society for the Gemological Institute of America). 

Ring Tips

Ask For Professional Advice

Your partner’s finger size isn’t the only element influencing which ring you choose. Yes, there are many variables involved in picking a ring. On the bright side, those who get overwhelmed easily can ask for help once they’re about to purchase. 

Considering they’re working at a jewelry store, staff from reputable jewelry stores possess expertise in the products displayed. You may have an aesthetic board ready to show what kind of vibes you want for the ring. Use this opportunity to talk to specialists if you have concerns about the ring. Ideally, it’s better to converse with them while giving them a clue about what your partner is like. With this, they can give you tips and show the best examples of rings that fit your needs perfectly.


Popping the question is a nerve-wracking experience, considering its impact on one’s life. And, similar to a wedding ceremony, picking the right proposal ring is just as stressful. However, there are ways your search can be narrowed down, such as the tips mentioned above.

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