How to Preserve Your Wedding Dress

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How to Preserve Your Wedding Dress

If you have bought a wedding dress and want to keep it in good shape, whether you want to save it and store it the right way or show it off in a creative and unique way, it is important to learn what the best-storing tips for wedding gowns are.

Many brides, however, are in love with the idea of showing off their beautiful wedding dress and cherish the moment forever.

Looking at your wedding dress every time will bring positive thoughts to your mind, and put a smile on your face.

Many brides choose to either frame their wedding dresses at home and treat them like a piece of art, while others want to store it away but want it to be done right so the wedding dress won't get ruined, especially if you dream that one day your daughter might want to wear your wedding dress again.

Here are some tips and ideas to help you store and preserve your wedding dress the right way.

Storing Your Wedding Dress

So you’ve decided to buy your wedding dress, and you want to keep it for good memories (and good luck). But how do you look after it?

Let us help you out with these easy steps you can follow to preserve your wedding gown, and keep it in mint condition.

  • Take your dress to a dry cleaner that specializes in wedding dresses. Usually, the material used to clean wedding dresses is different than normal clothing. Ask your friends and family for recommendations.
  • Make sure you take one last look at your wedding dress before it is packed so you can see for yourself that all the stains have been perfectly removed.
  • Wedding dresses are always stuffed with clean and acid-free tissue that is placed between the folds of the gown. That will prevent wrinkles and permanent folds as well as stabilize the environment the gown is kept in.
  • Remove any material from the dress that has a short shelf life, such as padding, shoulder pads, perspiration shields, or anything made of foam. Also, don’t pack any plastic or metal accessories with your dress. Pins, buckles, or crystals can ruin your gown’s fabric.
  • One of the best ways of packing your wedding dress is by wrapping it in muslin and folding it neatly into a cardboard box.
  • Never hang your wedding gown for long-term storage or seal the box completely. The gown needs proper air circulation, so make sure you store it in a closet or a well-ventilated storage area. Don’t put the gown in a hot attic or a cold basement. Extreme temperatures can damage your gown.

Ideas to Keep and Show Off Your Wedding Dress

There are so many different and creative ideas to show off and display your wedding dress just like a piece of art, and we have some very nice ideas for you to consider all you have to do is find the professionals to help you do it.

  • Frame it in a vintage frame or mirror, you can display it in your room, dressing room, or even your entrance for a fancy and unique touch.
  • Use the fabric to create pretty lace pillows.
  • Use the fabric or lining for a fancy cover or throw.