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Ideas to Present Engagement Jewelry "Shabka"

Ideas to Present Engagement Jewelry "Shabka"

Engagement parties in the Middle East have different traditions than other countries around the world. One of the most popular and still going traditions is the shabka or engagement jewelry, which is all the jewelry presented to the bride on her engagement day, from gold jewelry pieces, gold sets, diamond sets, gold bracelets to the engagement ring.

Arab families keep looking for beautiful ideas to present the engagement jewelry to the bride. Usually, during the engagement party, the bride is presented with the engagement rings and with the gold and diamond sets by the groom's family. The bride puts on these sets and pieces in front of the guests, so it is important that the rings and jewelry are presented in a beautiful way. 

Brides no longer want a traditional presentation for their jewelry and shabka, so we bring you here many ideas to get some inspiration. 

One way to present the "shabka" is to have it wrapped in flowers and roses in a beautiful box, you can also have them placed on a tray decorated with ribbons, as you'll see below.

For an oriental touch, you can have the jewelry placed in wooden boxes with pearl details. Another idea is to use vintage bird cages.

Some brides, however, prefer a more simple or modern presentation so they go for glass or acrylic boxes. 

You can also decorate your setup with stands in the shape of your initials or flowers and wooden stands.

Take a look at all the ideas we have for you right here:

Jewelry Suitcase

The Jewelry Suitcase

We loved the idea of a jewelry suitcase, spotted at Hessa and Mashaal's wedding in Qatar, this idea is perfect for photographing the bride's jewelry in a modern and elegant way.

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Vintage and Chic

For couples who love a chic and vintage style, check out this idea! A simple white wooden box with personalized details for the couple is very romantic and beautiful.

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