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Luxurious Moroccan Jellabiya for Brides

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Luxurious Moroccan Jellabiya for Brides

Moroccan jellabiyas or kaftans are a popular choice among brides, especially for their official marriage ceremonies (katb ktab), or their henna night, and many other events that take place before the wedding. This is why many brides look for the most beautifully designed Moroccan jellabiyas to shine at their celebrations.

The Moroccan jellabiya has a modest style that suits most events, it is also the perfect choice for the brides who wear hijab. We are seeing more and more luxurious designs that are suitable for brides who want a more unique look, with beautiful embroidery, gemstones, or sequins to add some glamour.

Many Arab celebrities choose to wear jellabiyas and kaftans for their events and occasions, such as Iftars and Suhoors during Ramadan. Get inspired by these beautiful designs worn by Mariam Saeed!

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If you are looking for luxurious and glamorous jellabiyas that are suitable for every bride to shine at her events, we bring you some of the most beautiful designs for you to check out!

Moroccan Bridal JellabiyaMoroccan Bridal Jellabiya 1Moroccan Bridal Jellabiya 2Moroccan Bridal Jellabiya 3Moroccan Bridal Jellabiya 4Moroccan Bridal Jellabiya 5Moroccan Bridal Jellabiya 6Moroccan Bridal Jellabiya 7Moroccan Bridal Jellabiya 8Moroccan Bridal Jellabiya 9Moroccan Bridal Jellabiya 10Moroccan Bridal Jellabiya 11

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