Mint Green Wedding Ideas

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Mint Green Wedding Ideas

Brides are always looking for creative and unique ideas for their weddings, and when it comes to wedding colors especially for spring and summer weddings, mint is a very beautiful color to use in your wedding decor details.

We love this softer green shade that goes perfectly with other pastel colors such as blush pink and light blue.

Here are our favorite ideas for a mint colored wedding:

Mint and Black Wedding

For a unique color combination that is unpredictable and perfect for any wedding at any season, we recommend black and mint! Black is always an elegant and classic color, and the minty green shade is perfect for all seasons.

If you want to add a metallic touch to those 2 colors, you can go with either gold or silver which match perfectly.

A black and mint color scheme is very elegant for a wedding setup; if you’re not a big fan of black at weddings, then the minty shades will add a beautiful pop of color to your wedding décor.

What is beautiful about this wedding color combination is that you can also decide and control which color you want to be more dominant in the overall wedding theme.

Mint and Pink Wedding

Mint and pink are a great color combination for a spring or summer wedding; the pink is feminine, while the mint green is very fresh and reminds us of spring.

You can include these adorable colors in every detail of your wedding whether it is the wedding cake, your wedding decorations and much more.

Mint and Gold Wedding

For a more glamorous and luxurious wedding color combination, how about mint green and gold? This combination is a classic and elegant color combination for your wedding.

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