New Trends in Wedding Photography That Creates More Drama and Impact

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New Trends in Wedding Photography That Creates More Drama and Impact

Sometimes, something out of the ordinary looks better than what you are used to seeing. For example, when you look at most wedding pictures, they tend to look the same, with a few minor differences. When the pandemic almost forced the world to stop, the wedding industry took a big hit. But all is not lost. Wedding photographers adapted to the new norm and somehow survived. 

New wedding photography trends 

There were several lessons learned because of the pandemic. Photographers had to follow protocols and adapt to working with social distancing in mind. They used verbal cues to help couples and guests pose for pictures. They also sanitized their equipment and assured their clients that they followed hygiene and safety standards. There were so many changes, but some allowed photographers to have a fresh take on capturing wedding photos.

Natural and casual weddings will be a norm 

Couples who initially planned to hold grand weddings with impressive guest lists had to rethink their plans. They had to downscale and go with small, low-key wedding plans. Despite this, the importance of the wedding ceremony did not diminish. On the contrary, it allowed couples to bond closer with each other and their limited guests. The situation created raw, unfiltered times for the bride and groom, which photographers were quick to capture.

Given this setup, couples are no longer in a hurry to be with many guests for the usual photo ops. Thus, couples and photographers have more time to be exceptionally creative, which is suitable for everyone concerned.

Photographers can focus more on the essential things and capture special moments that will look great in photo books, which the couple can also share with their guests. That said, it's easy to create photo books today, with service providers using platforms to guide users to create personalized sets. For example, you can print various types of social media photo books at

Increase in outdoor sessions 

Since indoor affairs are still not allowed, outdoor sessions increased. Photographers and their clients are permitted to shoot outdoors, which gives them more creative freedom and helps everyone feel more secure, as the contagious virus thrives in closed spaces. In addition, the photographers now have the chance to work with natural props and settings, allowing them to create more drama or inject moody moments that only the outdoors will allow.

With outdoor settings being the preferred venue today, customers can expect more drama, such as drones for photos that will have more impact.

Photo: A Fairytale Wedding in Lebanon

Continued use of face masks

Since no one can predict when the virus will be eliminated, people will continue to wear face masks. But since it will be a wedding, the face masks will be specially designed to match the outfit of the bride, groom, and the principal sponsors. This means that photographers will have more things to capture — wedding accessories such as the groom's bow tie, the bridesmaids' dresses, the bride's veil and gown, and the unique face masks. These are elements that will give photographers more details to provide depth to the wedding photo collection.

Create a different atmosphere with props

Today, many wedding photographers try to introduce more creativity and fun to wedding shoots with props that are not directly related to the theme. For example, it could be an umbrella that will create high contrast with the white wedding dress. Some use sky lanterns and sparklers to add color and joy to the occasion. Furthermore, they focus on capturing candid shots instead of posed photos.

First look photos will remain

A "first look" photo can be filled with emotions; thus, it will not be forgotten. It could be a father or the daughter looking at the other person for the first time before the ceremony, which already tells a story. It could be the groom seeing his bride for the first time in full wedding regalia. It may be traditional, but a first look photo will remain because it is full of drama that only a professional wedding photographer can capture. 

Most couples today want their wedding photos to be unique. And professional wedding photographers are responding to the challenge by injecting more creativity into the shots using props, creative angles, candid moments, and instances that show how the couple feels during their wedding day.

Photo: A Floral Wedding in Egypt

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