Perfect Engagement Dresses for Valentine's Day

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Perfect Engagement Dresses for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is considered by many brides and grooms the perfect day for their wedding or engagement party.

On this important date, there are many couples celebrating their engagement, you can see many beautiful Valentine's Day ideas for your wedding or engagement here!

For brides to be who are getting engaged during Valentine's Day we suggest you check out the beautiful dresses we have for you.

Think of beautiful dresses in different lengths and colors, sleek silhouettes, beautiful embroidery and lace, made from the most luxurious fabrics.

Check out these lovely ultra-feminine engagement dresses that will make you stand out on such a romantic day.

Zuhair Murad Fall 2022

The long months of mask-wearing that followed the burst of the pandemic inspired Zuhair Murad to create a collection instilled with the spirit of the city where masks are quintessential: Venice. 

For winter22, the couturier is reinventing the flamboyance of the Serenissima where subtle Oriental influences prevail. He pays tribute to the City of the Doges which, while fighting invasions and battling diseases never let go of its passion for luxury, arts, and beauty, its best weapons against collapse. 

Capes and long gloves in embroidered tulle are inspired by the timeless codes of the Venetian Carnival. Velvet, chiffon, taffeta, faille, and metallic organza reinterpret timeless classics. Silver lurex brings a modern note to a magnetic theme.

The molten glass becomes embroidery. Patchwork, a staple of the Venetian spirit, is rendered in fascinating haute couture. Scoop necks, asymmetrical necklines, puffed and cap sleeves wrap the collection in an aura of luxury that evokes the festive resistance of a city whose talents, refinement and know-how will endlessly remain, the ultimate bulwark against adversity.

Elie Saab Winter 2021/2022

"Nature is celebrated, revered and above all else, protected. I feel positive for the coming days, and this collection is a manifestation of that".

An eternal spring has arrived with fall 2021/2022 couture collection by Lebanese and International fashion designer Elie Saab.

The collection features delicate refinement of the feminine silhouette, a world where flowers perpetually flourish.

Tony Ward Fall 2021/2022

Tony Ward brings robotic narratives into the established Haute Couture world and explores the freedoms of digital expression.

Introducing Glitch Gaze, the Couture Fall Winter 2021/22 collection.

His latest Fall/Winter 2021/2022 collection, titled “Glitch Gaze” is all about linear movements, pixelated crystals, 3-D ruffles, fragmented cutouts.... in saturated colors or neutral tones.

Giambattista Valli Spring 2022

In this Spring 2022 Giambattista Valli Collection you have the frilly, girly, sexy, easy romance of his pre-collection garments: a popified cordial of Parisian glamour to which you need only add water, et voilà, you have a lineup of bouclé skirt suit variations, jaunty debutante dresses, and light-as-air summer’s day flou. Valli can do this with his eyes closed, and while it shows no super obvious signs of the complex engineering of his haute couture experimentations, the spirit is there.

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