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The Perfect Honeymoon Clutch By Marzook

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The Perfect Honeymoon Clutch By Marzook

The Marzook siblings, Fahad and Shouq Al-Marzook, are based in Kuwait.

The sibling duo created a unique and artistic fashion brand, inspired by their love for art and design.

Marzook's line of accessories consists of leather, precious metals, and resins. The designs are a mix of Eastern and Western cultures.

Their latest creation is a series of round and whimsical clutches that add a statement to every outfit.

"The significance of the circle is it is a profound, transcendent symbol. It is said to represent the cycle of life, completion, inclusion, eternity, and the universe. The intertwined double circles (or the letters O) found in the way we have designed the Marzook logo expresses our interlocking creative relationship. We are dependent on each other's design decisions and we rely on one another for support,"say The Marzooks.

Marzook clutches are becoming a celebrity favorite, as lately Amal Clooney was spotted carrying a mother of pearl spherical bag by Marzook.


If you're travelling on your honeymoon, we think these clutches add the perfect fun and stylish touch to any outfit, and can go from day to night without any hassle.

We picked some of our favorite clutches for you to check out: