Pink Color Combinations for Your Wedding

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Pink Color Combinations for Your Wedding

Now that you are planning your wedding, it is time to choose the colors you want to have at your wedding. Remember that you can choose any color combination that you want and like.

Like many brides pink is a favorite color for weddings, this is why we are here to give you all the inspiration and ideas you need to have the perfect pink wedding.

Click here to see pink wedding ideas in pink shades for a dreamy wedding.

Now if you want pink wedding colors and combine pink with another color for a unique pink wedding color wedding theme, there are many color combinations ideas you can mix together.

Pink goes great with almost any color so you really can't go wrong with any combination, you just have to be creative.

Here are some pink wedding colors and combinations that look great together.


Pink and Grey Dessert TablePink and Grey FlowersPink and Grey Groom SuitPink and Grey Wedding

Pink and Grey Wedding

This wedding color combination is for every season, it’s pretty, soft, and very elegant. You can combine these two wedding colors in every detail of your wedding, from your wedding invitations to your bridal bouquet, boutonnieres, table cloths, centerpieces, candles, guest book, wedding favors, bridesmaid dresses, and your wedding cake.

Pink and Red Wedding FlowersPink and Red Wedding CookiesPink and Red Wedding CakePink and Red Cupcakes

Pink and Red Wedding

Pink and Red is a color combination that will make your wedding look fun, upbeat, and colorful.

Red and pink weddings are perfect for a summer or spring wedding if you want something vibrant and feminine at the same time.

Pink and Yellow Wedding BouquetPink and Yellow Wedding Bouquet 1Pink and Yellow Wedding CakePink and Yellow Wedding

Pink and Yellow Wedding

For a spring wedding pink and yellow is the perfect combination! Spring gives you many great color combinations and options for a beautiful wedding.

So how about a pink and yellow theme for a happy, fun, and vibrant wedding?

Pink and Aqua Wedding CakePink and Aqua Wedding BouquetPink and Aqua Wedding FlowersPink and Aqua Wedding

Pink and Aqua Wedding

This color combination is perfect for a spring or summer event especially if it is an outdoor engagement, shower party, wedding, or any other special occasion.

This color palette is fresh, trendy, and beautiful.

Pink and Copper Wedding CakeWedding DressPink and Copper WeddingPink and Copper Wedding

Pink and Copper Wedding

One of our favorite wedding color combinations is copper and dusty pink.

Not only is it an elegant wedding color choice, but it will also add a luxurious and rich touch to your wedding no matter what your budget is.

Here are some ideas we love for a copper and dusty pink wedding color combination that you can use for your wedding cake, bridal bouquets, and even your wedding gown and ring. 

Pink and Green Wedding CakePink and Green Wedding BouquetPink and Green Wedding

Pink and Green Wedding

If you are looking for an elegant and rich wedding color combination, you will fall in love with the pink and green wedding color!

A pink and green wedding is a beautiful and romantic combination that is perfect for a spring or summer wedding. The two colors complement each other perfectly, and there are many ways to incorporate them into your wedding décor and attire.

Choose a shade of pink that you love, such as blush, rose, or coral. You can also use different shades of pink to create a more nuanced look. Then opt for a shade of green that complements the pink you choose, such as mint, sage, or emerald. You can also use different shades of green to add depth and interest. You can use other colors as accents, such as white, gold, or silver.

When choosing flowers for a pink and green wedding, select flowers in shades of pink and green, such as roses, peonies, hydrangeas, and lilies. You can also use greenery, such as ferns, eucalyptus, and succulents, to add a natural touch.

Accentuate your green and pink wedding by using pink and green tablecloths, napkins, and chair covers, and by placing pink and green candles on tables and around the venue to create a romantic ambiance. to top it up, decorate your wedding cake with pink and green frosting, flowers, or other decorations. 

Pink Wedding in Dead SeaPink Wedding in Dead Sea 1Rose Ombre Wedding in LebanonRose Ombre Wedding in Lebanon 1pink wedding in doha

Pink Shades

For the ultimate pink wedding, how about combining different shades of pink? Check out this fabulous pink wedding in the Dead Sea in Jordan by MY Event Design, where every detail was pretty in pink even the lovely bride chose to wear a unique pink wedding dress! Click here to see this lovely Seaside Pink Wedding in the Dead Sea.

Another way to combine different pink shades at your wedding is going ombre! Just like this fantastic rose ombre wedding in Lebanon.

We love how different shades of pink were displayed at this pink garden wedding in Doha, from the ombre chairs to the pink floral centerpieces it is one beautiful and feminine wedding.

Blush Wedding in LebanonBlush Wedding in Lebanon 1

Blush Pink Wedding

You can't go wrong when it comes to blush pink for your wedding, no matter what season you are getting married in blush pink is always a beautiful choice.

You will fall in love with this gorgeous blush pink wedding in Lebanon by Maya Toubia.

Pink Alfresco Wedding in JordanPink Alfresco Wedding in Jordan 1

Pink and Black Wedding

For the ultimate elegant color palette consider having black and pink at your wedding, your wedding guests will fall in love with the elegance of your wedding.

Need some inspiration? Check out this pink alfresco wedding in Jordan by MY Event Design!

Garden Pink WeddingPink and Neutral Tones Wedding

Pink and Neutral Tones for Weddings

For the most beautiful vintage and chic wedding color combination go for a pink and neutral color palette, just like this enchanting pink garden wedding in UAE.

The blush pink florals and details complemented the wooden tables and chairs, and the pampas perfectly.

Blue and Pink WeddingBlue and Pink Wedding in Lebanon

Dusty Pink and Blue Wedding

For a unique and colorful wedding that is also elegant and timeless, blue and dusty pink is a beautiful color combination!

This ultra-chic wedding in Lebanon had the most dramatic contrast in shades of blue and dusty pink while highlighting elegant shapes and elements making each detail pop.

pink and silver weddingsPink and silver wedding decor

Pink and Silver

Pink and silver weddings are timeless! If you are having pink flower arrangements for your wedding, include some silver touches such as silver vases or silver wedding tables. Pink and silver weddings are always an elegant and glamorous choice.

Check out this stunning pink and silver wedding: Le Balustrade Opulent Wedding in Doha

Pink Wedding FavorsPink FavorsPink Wedding GiveawayPink GiveawaysPink Wedding Favor Ideas

Pink Wedding Favors

Pink is one of the romantic and charming colors, symbolizing love, affection, and delicacy. Therefore, pink wedding favors are an excellent choice to reflect the celebratory atmosphere and add a touch of elegance and beauty.

Here are some ideas for pink wedding favors:

1. Pink chocolates or sweets: This classic gift is a great choice for any wedding ceremony.

2. Pink-colored drinks: You can offer bottles of pink juice or pink cocktails.

3. Pink candles: Candles are a romantic addition to any wedding. You can choose candles with special shapes or engravings.

4. Pink roses: Roses are a symbol of love and emotion. You can choose a bouquet of pink roses or other pink flowers.

5. Flower-inspired gifts, such as roses, lilies, or jasmine-themed items.

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