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‘Men Are from Mars Women Are from Venus’ Author Shares Marriage Tips

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‘Men Are from Mars Women Are from Venus’ Author Shares Marriage Tips

John Gray the author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus shared his best marriage tips, when he was recently in Dubai for a seminar.

Here are the top 5 tips for a happy relationship according to John Gray:

1. “Women should always talk more in a relationship than men,” says John. “Couples that are already having problems have already gone into a role reversal, and the woman doesn’t want to talk any more. Men should focus more on asking questions.”

2. “Girls! Recognize that men need to be left alone for a while to cope with stress. When he comes home, be happy to see him, then ignore him for 30 minutes. When a woman is feeling stressed, she often wants to talk about the things that are bothering her. When a man is stressed, he doesn’t necessarily want to talk about it.”

3. “Don’t do more for him than he does for you, otherwise you’ll feel resentful, and he’ll become more passive”, explains John. “If he’s not doing things for you, ask. Never say ‘would you like to go away this weekend?’ as he’ll say ‘no, I’d rather stay at home.’ Tell him what you’d like. Say ‘I’d like you to take me away this weekend.’”

4. “The number one complaint men have, is ‘my wife complains too much.’ But how do you let him know what you want if you can’t complain?” asks John. “Whatever it might be, instead of complaining, always ensure in every complaint is a request for change. Simply make the request and don’t demand it now. Say, ‘honey when you get a chance, could you…”.

5.  “Ask him to take you out,” says John. “Say ‘you work so hard, this weekend could we do one of these things?’ Women say ‘I shouldn’t have to ask’, but you do!”