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13 Signs You Are Marrying Your Soul Mate

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13 Signs You Are Marrying Your Soul Mate

According to POP Sugar there are some signs that tell you whether you’re marrying your soul mate or not.

Whether you believe in soul mates or simply hope that you marry the person who is right for you, there are some signs that tell you you’re with the right person.

Here are 13 signs which show you that you have met your soul mate:

#1 You can convey what you're thinking by just looking at each other.

#2 You can't even remember what it was like to be without him/her— and you don't want to!

#3 He/she knows exactly what to do to calm you down when you're mad, to help relieve your stress, or to cheer you up.

#4 Even after years of being together, you still have great chemistry.

#5 You are completely comfortable in his/her presence.

#6 After spending a few days apart, you both talk a mile a minute to catch each other up on everything you both missed.

#7 It feels like you've known each other your whole lives.

#10 You disagree on some things, but are always on the same page when it really matters.

#11 His/her family feels like your own family.

#12 He/she think the weird, quirky things you do are adorable, and you feel the same way about them, too.

#13 For the first time in your life, you realize that home is not a place, but a person.