5 Secrets to a Lasting Happy Marriage

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5 Secrets to a Lasting Happy Marriage

Marriage is not always easy, but many couples stay happily married for years and year, so, how do they make it?

Elderly couples who have been married for over 60 years have revealed their best marriage tips.

You will be surprised of how simple and smart those tips are!

Check out some secrets for a happy and long lasting marriage:

Laugh Together: Laughing together, and being able to act silly around each other is one of the main keys to a happy marriage.

Don't Annoy Each Other: Being married means you know what makes your partner irritated or angry, even if you're arguing, don't say anything hurtful or mean, instead try to discuss the issue itself.

Compromise: Marriage is all about partnership, this is why you need to compromise sometimes, and meet halfway.

Don't Stop Kissing: Intimacy is very important in a relationship, and a simple kiss is a great way to show your spouse you love him/her.

Fight it Out: Don't storm out or go to bed angry, stay in the fight and talk things through.

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