5 Techniques to Help You Get Rid of All That Mind Clutter

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5 Techniques to Help You Get Rid of All That Mind Clutter

Ever since you got engaged, and more so now that the wedding date is approaching, you feel that you are less focused and much more preoccupied. We call it the Zoned-Out-Bride Syndrome!

Maybe your friends have noticed that you’re spaced out when they’re telling you about their problems, or your mom feels you’re not listening when she asks you to do something 7 times! Or maybe, your brain just feels a little bit fuzzy and you’re experiencing an all-over state of disorientation!

The good news is… you’re not alone! Brides all over the world suffer from this. The closer they are to the wedding, the more mental clutter they carry around, preventing them from focusing on the big day; and better yet, being in the moment and taking it all in!

We feel you! That’s why we researched some really interesting ways to help you stay focused and in the present to enjoy this joyous experience. Tried and tested by the brides-to-be on staff, here are a few techniques we believe will really help you out. Not only will they slow things down, but your memory and concentration will improve, too.

1. Be aware of your thoughts. Ideally, the brain needs to take a break from thinking in order to recharge and re-energize entirely. However, no one can actually stop thinking completely! So instead, be aware of your thoughts and try to look at them from an outsider’s point of view. Take each thought separately, and practice how to put it in a different compartment. You’ll slowly start to feel like you are actually organizing your brain space.

2. Don’t leave your job behind. Chances are, your boss or supervisor might be feeling your being zoned out too. Get yourself interested and back in the game. Try to allocate the time on the job strictly for work. Not only will it score you points with the boss, it will help you focus on only one thing, and leave all the worries of wedding planning for after hours.

3. Write a to-do list before going to sleep. Writing in a journal-or even on a separate piece of paper- every night really works wonders! Before you go to bed, write down all your thoughts; whether they are things you have to do the next day, or even unproductive complaints and rants. Once you put all these down on paper, you will feel your shoulders start to relax, and your brain will be emptied out of thoughts that will in no way help you get a good night’s sleep.

4. Differentiate between working under pressure and useless worrying. There is a huge difference between being able to multitask and work under pressure in order to get things done, and just being negative and worrying about things that are beyond your control. We never said getting married is a stress-free affair; there will be days when you will have 10 things to finish in 3 hours! But you have to make sure you know the difference between getting things done on the spot, or weighing down your brain with useless worry that won’t get you anywhere.

5. Be active and aware. Pay attention to everything that is going on around you, whether at home or at work. Try to keep your attention focused on each task at hand. You have to be strict with yourself and don’t let your mind wander to another thought while you’re still in the middle of the previous one. The more you focus your attention on one task at a time, the more you train your brain to handle each thought separately.


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